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Who They Are is an online retailer which provides alternative and natural pest control products for the home. It was established by a mom entrepreneur Kari Warberg Block back in 2000. Although, like many entrepreneurial businesses, it started on the kitchen table, it has since expanded due to its natural products to become a 40 million dollar brand. Earth Kind with its motto of “preserve the good, prevent the rest” is on a mission to change our perceptions about pest control. Traditionally, pest control has been carried out with synthetic chemicals or sometimes ineffective and inhumane manual traps. However, these leave a great amount of mess and are harmful for the environment and even the humans.


Some of the bigger pests like rats are mammals, which mean that essentially speaking they have a very similar system to that of humans. This means that anything which works against rats, will definitely work against humans as well. You may be surprised if you have never had a rat pest problem, but some countries do not even allow over the counter rat poisons. Why you ask? Well, the simple answer is that rat poison is a very popular poison for committing suicide. This may only come in second to using the old bridge.

Kari started out with the Fresh Cab Products back in 2007, but its later products were aimed at not only killing the pests, but keeping them away from your personal space. These products are very popular in the US markets and are sold in over 55000 stores across the States. All this success has meant a lot for Kari, who has even gone on to hold an advisory position for SBA Congress over matters impacting women empowerment.

Why Are Pests Deadly

We understand that many people have their objections on how to treat the pests, but any humane way to deal with them is okay with us. Let us tell you a couple of things about why are pests so dangerous.


Pests cause a lot of diseases. In fact, they are one of the largest causes of pandemics and endemics in the world. Most rodents and pests have been found to contain a lot of pathogens, which can in turn lead to dangerous diseases like Malaria and Lyme disease.

Destruction of Property

Some of the pest can literally eat away your property. Termites are the single most dangerous pests in this department. But, if you love your garden then there are many others which will cause all the produce to become useless and spoiled. Crickets can damage silk, paper, and other expensive stuff in your home. Some of these may require professional help, but much can be accomplished by determination and good will.

They are Yucky

This is one of the most disgusting things about them. Perhaps it’s a matter of perception, but our home our rules. After all, we do not go out of our place to take away their food and homes, why should we tolerate them in ours. Even if we do the deed, they have no right to come and frighten us out of our wits.

Why not Synthetic Chemicals?

We have already discussed part of this problem earlier on. Apart from them being dangerous to humans, there are various other reasons as well. However, almost all of them will circle back to them being harmful in one way or other. When used on crops they can leach into the soil and become a part of the food chain. They are thought to be one of the reasons why there has been an increase in allergies and other illnesses. Although, there is no concrete evidence either way, nonetheless, people are now coming back to the use of organic foodstuffs, which have not been sprayed with harmful synthetic pest control solutions.

The Products

Earth Kind provides a whole range of organic and highly effective products to tackle these issues. They are divided into the following three categories:

  1. Stay Away Pest Repellents
  2. Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent
  3. All natural Air Freshener

Let us go through them briefly to better understand them.

Stay Away Pest Repellents

Stay Away Pest Repellents

They are natural products which have been derived from plant fibers and essential oils. All of them are farmed organically as well. This category covers Ants, Moths, Spiders, and Rodents. Killing the pests is only a quick fix. It will not solve your problem. However, if you deal with the source then you may have a longer lasting solution. Stay Away products focus on these principles. So, for example, the Stay Away Ants repellent takes the benefit of natural scent, which is pleasant for the humans, but is super offensive to ants. This will release over a period of time and keep the little pests away.

Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent

Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent

This has been trusted by families since 1995. Once again the product is all natural and comes with a guarantee to keep the mice away. It can be used in the home, your barn, in your vehicles, and even equipment, which is prone to damage from mice. Usage instructions are very simple. For non-infested areas one pouch is enough to cover an area of 125 sq feet. However, if the infestation is in full progress, then you will have to use much more. The ratio changes to one pouch for 8 sq. feet of space.

These provide an excellent solution to an age old problem, but if you are concerned about the whole procedure, you can read up on the more specific details in their Learning Center.

Coupons and Benefits

If you have had enough of pests; if you are tired of rat droppings and spoilage, then just remember that there are safe ways to deal with these problems. Earth Kind is a good place to start. And if you want some coupons to go with it, then Rebateszone is just the place which will provide you with the latest promo codes. You can use these to bring down the prices. However, do not take too long in making your decision. For, these coupons have an inherent drawback. They are issued for short periods of time. However, this can be easily sidestepped if you use them ASAP.