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Who They Are

DistrictLines.com is an online retailer which sells apparel and merchandize of many popular stars and genre. It was founded back in 2006, in Orlando, Florida, with the aim of bringing quality merchandize from across the board to their customers. They have been quite successful and their product lists are quite unique that they feature many items from stars from different platforms such as YouTube, Vines, and Netflix.

Things to Know About Them

  • Started Back in 2006
  • A large collection of merchandize
  • One of the few stores to list YouTube Stars and Vines
  • They hold various contests during the year, which can win you free merchandize.

The Products

Their products are divided into a range of different categories. They can be divided into the following:

Shop Music YouTube Vine
Fashion Pop Culture Geek Gaming

Let us go through them briefly to get a better understanding of the different aspects like diversity, quality, quantity, and design.


This is not only a category, but also the access to their conventional categorization system. It will give you access to a specific vendor search bar and other normal categories like:

T-Shirts, V-necks, & Tops Bracelets & Wristbands Outerwear Grab bags
Headwear CDs Posters Toys, Gadgets, & Novelty Items
Digital Downloads Housewares Stickers Bundles & Packages
Vinyl Pants Bags Buttons, etc.

Ideally it would be best to use this category for browsing through the stuff if you are having difficulty in finding merchandize in the relevant sections. Alternately, you can try the site search feature, located at the top right side, which will search everything on the whole website.



This category will give you access to the merchandize from your favorite artists. Some of the featured artists include Pierce the Veil, Crown The Empire, and Vampires Everywhere. The section is further divided into different parts. There is a part for Popular Music, T-shirts, and latest products. Each artist has their own stores and if you love a particular one, you will find all the merchandize related to the artist, right in their personal space.



This is some something which we have found at very few other places. Internet personalities are a real thing now and these people have more followers than most other personalities. The top viewed channel of YouTube: PewDePie has millions of subscribers and fans alone. This section will give you access to stores related to popular YouTubers like Tyler Oakley, Smosh, Toby Turner, KevJumba, and many others. In fact, the total list of YouTubers whose merchandise they feature on their website number in the hundreds. We will go through a couple of the most popular ones to give you a better idea.

Smosh is one of the highest rated comedy channels on YouTube. They have expanded out to other things such as Smosh games in the past year or so and have a tremendously huge following. The store lists a sizable number of merchandize from the channel. You will get access to t-shirts and other apparel for Guys and Girls. They also have a whole range of different accessories.

Let us move on to something British. British comedians are a big deal on YouTube. And Tobuscus is one of the most famous comedy channels. If you do not know who Toby Turner is then know that he is the guy who makes the funny Literal Trailers. This long running massively popular series features a literal and musical description of trailers. You can find various tees in his shop.

However, if you are more into science stuff, then you will be more interested in merchandize from the popular science channel Vsauce. Vsauce is unique in the fact that it brings something educational to the front. Usually the topics that are covered somehow relate to current events. Like the recent earth is flat uprising. The channel also tries to answer some really mind baffling questions like: would headlights work at light speed? And some of the most popular questions on YouTube such as: What If Everyone Jumped At Once?

And the list goes on and on.



Who has the time these days to watch full length videos even for entertainment! So, along comes Vines and shakes the internet. It is kind of a reflection of the desperation of our need to escape our surroundings even if for just six seconds. No video is greater than 6 seconds on Vines. There are a lot of Vine makers present in the merchandize section (pun intended). So, if you are more of a Vine person, then go for it.

Pop Culture

This is another favorite. We all love something or the other from TV or Films or even cartoons – Adventure Time anyone. This is a part of the American Culture. Whether you love Superman, Superwomen, Batman or Jake from Adventure Time, you will not be disappointed with the sheer number of apparel and other things available for purchase.


There is something different in this one. The tees here feature many interesting slogans, designs, and messages on them. Our favorite one was titled #Want. It was an excellent piece.

At the end we would like to add a couple of things about the website itself. It has a simple yet elegant theme. The payment’s system uses SSL security by Trustwave, so your payment information is dealt with safely.

Coupons and Benefits

If you are a fan of pop culture or would like to go out of the way to contribute to your favorite internet personality, then District lines is an invaluable place for some shopping. If you would like to use some coupons in the mix, Rebateszone has you covered. We will provide you with DistrictLines.com promo codes to lower the prices and enjoy reduced payments. We have helped thousands of people save money. We can do the same for you.

How to Use Coupons

  1. Select the items you wish to carry and add them to cart.
  2. Proceed to Checkout.
  3. Here you will find the Coupon Code area in the Other Information Section.Coupon Code
  4. Copy the code from Rebateszone and paste it here.
  5. Click Apply. The page will refresh to display the adjusted price.
  6. If you are satisfied with the results, then just Verify Order to proceed further.