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The Discount School Supply started as a small retail store whose sole business was to supply educational products to the world. Elliot Ron was the founder with a lot of enthusiasm. He started by connecting with parents and children who were enthusiastic with his idea. He had many creative ideas. He was always thinking on better ways in which he would serve his customers.

In the year 1985, the founder of the company made up his mind to extend the store’s reach. This results to a 16 page catalog of materials used in arts and crafts. This is how the great Discount School Supply catalog was formed.The company originally focused on the provision of the highest quality products but at affordable prices. These aspirations were always supported by the high level of customer service.
Ron has been proved to be a true entrepreneur. A large audience of customers have tremendously benefited from his activities in business.Currently, the Discount School Supply has grown very fast to a record of 500 pages which contains about 5,000 products sourced from 25 countries globally. This company is a true leader in the arts and crafts category. In addition to the products mentioned above, Discount School Supply offers great variety of product categories which include the Active Play, Furniture, Storage & Equipment, Dramatic Play, Infant & Toddlers; Language, Math, Science and other special needs.
They are also the publishers of a number of catalogs dealing with specialty goods. The website also offers the largest array of products manufactured by the company. Discount School Supply develops and manufactures a large number of its products. They are very innovative and extremely proprietary in all their operations.
Discount school also carries a number of popular brands such as Crayola, HighScope, Lego, Fiskars, Angeles, Elmer’s, Jonti-Craft and Children’s Factory.
The company has a commitment of continuously supplying their customers with the lowest everyday prices. When you shop at the Discount School supply, you are always guaranteed the lowest prices. The company is ready to refund the difference to customers who find a competitor offering very low prices. They will not only refund the difference but an additional 10 per cent of that price.
The Discount School Supplies have 4 strategically located distribution centers across the country. This is to ensure that the orders made by people arrive in good time. It is important to note that about 96 per cent of the United States population lives in areas which are 2 UPS delivery days away. The majority of the customers need the goods they order for to be delivered within the same day. That means they cannot satisfy the needs of the consumers if the distribute the products from it’s headquarter in California.
The customer service is of the highest quality. They handle the customers well both on the telephone and when you meet them physically. The company has a policy of having enough goods on stock so that they can be delivered when the right time comes.
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