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This is a company made of highly dedicated and fun loving professionals who are out on a mission to personalize everything in electronics from all over the world. Basically, it can be observed that all of us share some love for the expression of self despite that some of us originate in an enabling self expression in the real world while others originate in the highly enabling and pioneering self expression in the digital world. This company has its headquarters in San Francisco and is backed by the famous blue chip investor known as Rembrandt Venture Partners.

Many of us may be wondering what Coveroo is in reality and its main roles in the society. The main role of the company is enabling people give their gadget a personality. Generally speaking, Coveroo fully customizes their customers phone, iPod, and iPad and leave it totally unique by allowing the client more a variety of more than 5,000 designs to choose from, or even allows them to make use of their own custom artworks. They offer licensed designs from various NCCCA colleges, MLB, NBA, NFL PLAYERS, Star Trek, Family Guy, the Simpsons, David and Goliath, Marvel and many others. They also have wide variety of the coolest designs that have been created by their artists, all to enable’s you benefit fully from your phone by allowing it express your unique style and passion.

Coveroo can be used comfortably on a wide range of phone brands and this is inclusive of Samsung, Motorola, HTC, iPhone, Blackberry among others. As opposed to the other common customization products, Coveroo makes use of the laser engraving technology as well as a High Color process so as to give the personal electronic devices the best quality design which will never fade off no matter what, neither will it peel or even rub off.

Before the company was introduced, it was a requirement that one send over their phone over just for customization but this is no longer a requirement. For the case of iPhones, as well as other electronic devices which lack removable covers, Coveroo simply customizes various high quality cases that have been manufactured from world renowned manufacturers. On the other end for devices that have removable covers just like the Blackberries and others, Coveroo simply customizes and makes a replacement of the original backs as well as battery covers; as usual you will easily slip them into place.

Then one may wonder how unique this company’s services are from those of other companies and the answer will be quite simple, they offer unique services. As opposed to a sticker or even a skin, Coveroo is simply replacement for you phone’s cover case. After getting your design it will not peel off as it has been engraved in place by a laser beam. High Color Coveroo makes use of a unique process which will bond the design right into the face plate thus making it highly durable and resistant against destruction by water.

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