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Coins of America is a website which provides Americans and collectors worldwide easy access to specially minted coins. Based in Grafton, Wisconsin, they have a long history with coins in general and love to help people in finding the right coin, whether it is for a gift or for a serious coin collection. Coins have over the years embedded themselves in family traditions and are not only a part of the American history, but also a part of many old and new families. Coins of America is a site contributing its share to help the coins remain a part of our lives.

The major categories for display at the site are Eagles, Proof Sets, U.S Coins, Gold & Silver, Sports, Commemorative, Jewelry, Supplies, and Coin Maps. The Eagles section contains Personalized Special Occasion Acrylics which has various acrylic coins which can be personalized. They contain themes like Father’s Day Baseball theme, Father’s day tie theme, and many more. The coins can be engraved with a personalized short message at the back. Silver eagle are collectible bullion coins. They are made of .999 fine silver and backed by the authorities. You can also buy the Gold-Plated Eagles which as the name suggests are plated with 24-karat gold. The final item in this category, are the Colored Eagle coins, which have colored mementos in addition to being made of silver or gold-plated.

The proof set category has the special coins that are printed by the U.S government and are loved for their special shine and designs. You can buy the Standard Proof Sets, an example of which would be the 2015 United Sates Mint Proof Set. This includes a total of 14 coins. Five of which are quarters. These coins feature national parks from various US states. These were produced in the San Francisco Mint and hence, carry the S mark. Or, you can buy the Silver Proof Sets, these sets are made of 90% silver and have been in production since 1936. Or, you can buy the Presidential Proof Sets. As you can imagine, these contain likenesses of past presidents on the coin.

Likewise, in the other categories you can find U.S coins which were issued at various occasions in the U.S history. All of them can be found in Gold and Silver. You can be sure that each coin has a history attached to it, which you can read on their website. They are great gifts and even greater for personal collections.

If you are impressed by their coins and would like to see for yourself what is the range that they offer, visit their well-designed website. You can order all the products online and have them shipped to you at home. Shipping is free on select products and available in all the US states. For more information and complete shipping charges, please visit their shipping section. Their site is secured by McAfee and is trusted. However, if you still face any difficulties their customer service can be reached via phone, chat, or email. Additionally, you can also reach them via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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