50% OFF Cobone Coupon Code Promo Codes

The boundless world of Ecommerce has definitely refined and evolved the cliché techniques of doing businesses all around the mighty Earth while it still continues to explore, incorporate and deliver newer forms of entrepreneurship! I can bet that a couple of decades earlier, no one would have imagined the diversity provided by online businesses today which we feel totally accustomed to as if there is no big deal but this actually is remarkable achievement that would be listed among other hallmarks in the times to come! In 2010, an entrepreneur named as Paul Kenny who belonged from Ireland launched Cobone which turned to be the largest ever ‘Daily – Deals’ and group buying online marketplace of the Middle – East. S They basically provide some of the most fantastic deals or vouchers on the things – to – do, things – to – eat, things – to – see and things – to – buy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates! They have the most epic collection of activities, eatables, sights and places and other prolific items to buy which has led them to a humungous client formation and retention and released them the status to lead the industry. Cobone aims to take their journey slowly and steadily as they have two offices, IN Dubai and Jeddah, while their workforce is comprised of more than 60 people belonging from 20 different nationalities who put in their best effort everyday so that their customers can have the experience of their lifetime and all this at economical rates. The company has been able to save $172 Million for their customers till date while over 3 million Cobone vouchers have been sold!

Apart from the crazy and awesome deals, Cobone has always been appreciated for its customer support staff as they have surely excelled in this department. Their team is astonishingly proactive, welcoming and responsive to every single query from any of their client while leaves no stone unturned to briskly resolve all such matters and make sure of the highest level of customer satisfaction. Furthermore, they are also vigilant over all of the social media outlets so that their customers remain updated with every single event and no such opportunity is missed!

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