BoxWave Coupons & Promo Codes

BoxWave is a retailer of handheld accessories from Washington DC. Its products have been recognized at various forums over the Internet, as well as in print media. Examples include CNBC, Handheld Computing Magazine, PC today and Engadget. It was established back in 2002, and over the years it has provided support to an increasing range of gadgets. The main products that it caters to are: iPhones, GPS devices, Tablet PCs, media players, smart phones, etc.

Its products are displayed under specific brand headings; nevertheless, they can also be browsed standalone. You can find an impressive array of accessories for any smart phone under the products category. Whether you’re looking for screen protectors or cables, travel chargers or gaming gear, you will find a range of goods for every one of your needs. The main devices that it caters to at the moment are iPhone 6, Amazon Kindle fire HDX 7.0, iPad Air, and various other tablet cases. To give you a better idea of the unique nature of their products we will present to you a couple of examples:

Remember the time when communicator phones used to be all the rage, and if you’re one of those people who never actually got over the comfort of a communicator keyboard; then they have just the device for you: Keyboard Buddy Case. It is a peripheral device which can be attached to your iPhone and other smart phones. As the name suggests, it adds a physical button keyboard to the phone. The keyboard features raised, backlit keys for comfort and fast typing.

Another device that we were really impressed with was their EverTouch Capacitive Stylus with Replaceable Tip. If you have ever used a stylist before, you would understand the dilemma when a perfectly good stylus has to be thrown away due to the worn-out tip. This stylus however, has been specifically designed to counter this flaw. Whenever the tip gets worn out you can simply take it off and put in a new one. Apart from this, the stylus is lightweight and portable, plus it is ultrasensitive with a fiber-mesh tip.

If you are impressed with just these two devices and would like to browse their full product selection, visit their well-designed web store. You can purchase all their products online from the secure website. They accept all major online payment methods. They ship to all the US states and some other international destinations as well. If you have any difficulty in browsing the products or would like to ask an additional question, you can contact the customer service via phone or email. For news and updates, you can follow them on Facebook, twitter, and other social networks.

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