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Bosky Optics is an online retailer of Wooden Sun glasses and Goggles. Why wooden you say. Well, they had a dream of making a goggle which was effective, durable and yet did not pose any threat to the environment. If only the big corporations could also have that thought. So, they experimented with wood, hemp and bio-plastics. From there they created a line of sustainable goggles and sun glasses which aren’t just protecting your eyes, but the world is also not being destroyed by them.

Regardless of materials used, we have a product that is very effective to use, fashionable, and endorsed by a lot of professionals. Their goggles are tough, made from a material which was live at some point; the hemp allows in a very minute quantity of air which prevents fogging and the natural fleece that they use is very comfortable as well. Furthermore, the clarity is very good. They use Carl Zeiss polarized lenses that provide maximum UVB/UVA and blue light protection. They also have anti-glare.

So, who exactly is supporting their goggles? Well they have a list of athletes who support their brand. It starts with Mattia Zambroni, who is a steep skier from Corniglio, Italy. Then there is Chris Charlet, who is a Free-ride Snowboarder from Chamonix, France. Then you have Ludwig Buckley, a free style skier from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. If all these professionals are supporting Bosky, then they are satisfied with the quality of the product; especially, since a flaw can send them hurling down the wrong side of Mother Nature.

The other main product category that they have is Sun glasses. They are made from premium hardwoods like Maple, Rosewood, and Zebrawood. The frames are steam bent and curved by hand. Then the steel spring loaded hinges are added for it to fit. The grains on their products are natural and represent the beauty of nature. The wood makes them durable and lightweight. Once, again the Carl Zeiss lenses are used for their premium quality. Their sunglasses are endorsed by various artists for their sustainability.

If you are impressed by their venture and want to see for yourself how their product holds, visit their simple, yet exquisitely designed web store. You can purchase all their products online. The site is well secured and accepts all major payment options. The product comes in warranty of 1 year against manufacturing defects. They ship to all the US States. They have special packages for people who want to buy wholesale. If you face any difficulty in using their store, contact their customer service via email. For news and updates, follow them on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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