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Bike Bandit is an online retailer of motorcycle and other two wheeler aftermarket parts. Established in 1999 by Ken Wahlster, it initially started in a home basement. At the moment, it employs a 107,000 square foot facility in San Diego, California. At its top, it shipped almost 10,000 items per day and had revenues exceeding $35 million in annual sales. Hence, it is ranked among the Top 500 Internet Retailers 2007-2014. It is also known for sponsoring various events like the 2013 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days and the 2014 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days. However, it balances the need for speed with road safety. In lieu of this, Bike Bandit helped the American Motorcyclist Association with sponsoring 2014 AMA Go Ride Safety Week. Add to it, its contributions to Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, and you have to laud the steps it takes for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Its products can be divided into the following categories: OEM Parts, Aftermarket Parts, Riding Gear & Accessories, Tires, Manuals & Tools, and Specials. OEM parts category includes all OEM parts from all the major OEMs like Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki.

The aftermarket section contains extras from almost every part of the vehicle that you can name or was made. Whether you need to change the Air Filters, or the Engine, the Spark Plug, or the Transmission; every part you need can be found at a price in the aftermarkets section. Maybe your bike works well with Bike Master Brake Rotors, but you are unsure which size to use. Bike Bandit has a nifty “Does it Fit My Machine” link placed right beneath the listed part to help you out.

The Riding Gear section contains anything you can think of in terms of bike safety. It has products that can equip you for full body Armor, to simple Backpacks and security alarm systems. All your apparel needs can be satisfied in this section and safety does come first. The Manuals & Tools section contains manuals from all major Motorcycle/ATV OEMs. This section is especially useful if you like to tinker with the parts and take care of the machine yourself. Additionally, it contains all the tools, repair and maintenance, and accessories you are likely to use in adding to your vehicle.

If you wish to browse through all their products, visit their well-designed web store. You can buy all their products online. They accept all major payment options and the site is secured by Trust Guard, plus it has an A+ rating from BBB. They ship to all the US states and Canada. For rates, you can check their section on shipping options. They also offer limited free shipping on orders of $100 and above. If at any point you face any difficulty or have any trouble contact their efficient customer services via Chat, phone, or email. For news and updates, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Additionally, they also have an interesting blog which contains news and DIY for two-wheelers.

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