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Bestbuyspcs.com offers the most reasonable prices on top of the line of the home theater gear for more than ten years now. They specialize in latest plasma TVs and LCD TVs exclusive deals in terms of best price and also first units in stocks online which is achieved because of their deep and longstanding connections with the largest electronics distributors in the country.
Their privacy policy ensures that the customers’ personal information is private and secure because their secure servers use advanced encryption and firewall technology. This requires the customer’s name, email address, credit card information, address, phone number and a password.
To serve you efficiently, credit card transactions and order fulfillment are handled by their competent and reputable third party as well as distribution institutions, as they are made to comply with strict obligation of keeping your personal information private. They keep you informed through notifications and you can join on our prize drawings or contest easily after which your name is included in their newsletter of which you can unsubscribe.

Incorrect price due to typographical errors from their suppliers entitles them the right to refuse or cancel the order and if already charged amount shall be returned.
Price keeps fluctuating with changes in market price of products to dispatch any order. Payment must be made before the shipment of the merchandise either through provision of credit card or any other form of payment and if an invoice is needed first before by their customers then they request for it by emailing them or through phone.
Their shipment is subject to the available stock. No shipment is made on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) neither is done through postal address. Duration of shipment relies on product availability time and delivery method ship time.

Products may be returned for refund or replacement which must be made directly to their manufacturer or publisher of that product and reference be made to manufacturers warranty and limited to defective product upon customer receipt and the couriers must issues a tracking number.
For Overseas clients no credit card is accepted if they are not ‘billed to ‘US and compliance to overseas terms and conditions has to be fulfilled.
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