Berkey Filters Coupon Codes, Promo Code

Berkey Filters is a retailer of Water filters which has been working to provide the world with clean water since the 1990s. The business is operated from The East of Pueblo, Colorado, USA. They started with just a single filter back in the day, but now their inventory includes a range of models which are suited for different capacities and needs. In part, this has been possible due to innovation and attention to detail of their customers’ needs. Hence, it can easily be said that customer satisfaction is one of their top priorities.

Their website features a simple yet effective design. It can be divided into the following categories: Berkey Water Filters, Berkey Answers, Berkey Filter Blog, and About Berkey. The Berkey Water Filters section contains all their filters. This is the section where you can buy all their range of filters, extra parts, replacements, and various accessories. Let us discuss the options that they present to their clientele:

First is the small Travel Berkey, which is a model you can take on your trips and ensure that you are drinking safe water. It has a capacity of 1.5 Gallons and can purify water, from a natural source, at 3 gallons per hour. The rate of purification is subject to the source being used. The Big Berkey system is one that is designed for home usage. It holds 2.25 gallons of water and can fulfill the needs of up to 4 people.

The Royal Berkey is a big system which can purify water at a rate of 4-8 Gallons per hour. It is ideal if you have a big family, or it can be installed in a place which has a lot of users. Then they have the Imperial Berkey which has a capacity of 4.5 gallons and can be placed at places such as churches, orphanages, and other such high usage places. The biggest offering that they have is the Crown Berkey, which has a capacity of 6 Gallons and can support small communities and hospitals. Depending on the configuration that you buy, it can churn out purified water at a rate of 6.5-26 Gallons per hour.

They also offer a list of specialized Filters such as the Berkey Fluoride Filter, which filters out fluoride. They have the Sport Berkey which is a 22-ounce bottle which will provide clean drinking water on the go. Then they have the Berkey Shower Filter, which can churn out 25,000 gallons before needing replacement.

If you are impressed by their systems and wish to know more details, visit their well-designed website. You can purchase all their products from the secure website. They support all major online payment methods. Shipping is free on most of their products, which they ship to all the US states. If you have any additional questions, contact their customer support via email or phone. For news and updates, follow them on their blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

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