Coupons Promo Codes is an online retailer of Beauty products, owned by the inc. It is a major retailer of beauty products in the US, having an inventory of more than 375 brands from all over the world. Furthermore, its parent company is famous for supporting and raising funds for various humanitarian causes and organizations.

It offers numerous beauty and healthcare products. The main categories are divided into Skin Care, Makeup, Fragrance, Bath & Body, Hair Care, and Accessories. Skin Care can be further expanded to Face: Face Cleaner, Face Toner, Face Moisturizer, Face Serum & Treatments, BB Cream , and Masks & Peels; Eyes: Eye Serum & Cream, Eye Masks & Pads, and Lash & Brow Regrowth; Lips: Lip Balm & Treatments; Body: Body Moisturizer, and Body Treatments; Tools: Cleansing Tools, Anti-Aging Tools, and Acne Therapy; For Men: Face Cleanser, Moisturizer & Eye Cream, Scrubs & Exfoliants, Masks & Peels, Lip Balm, and Shaving Essentials.

The Makeup category can be expanded to Face: Face Primer, Foundation & Tinted Moisturizer, BB & CC Cream, Face Powder, Concealer & Corrector, and Blush & Bronzer & Contour; Eyes: Eye Base & Primer, Eye-shadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Faux Lashes, and Brow Enhancer; Lips: Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Liner, and Lip Stain; Nails: Nail Polish, and Polish remover; Tools & Accessories: Brushes & Applicators, Brow & Lash Tools, and Compacts & Mirrors.

The Fragrance section includes For Women: Fragrance spray, Solid Perfume & Powder, Perfume & Oil, Fragrance Rollerball, and Deodorant; For Men: Eau de Cologne, Aftershave, and Deodorant; For the Home: Candles, Scented Oil & Diffusers, and Cleaning & Laundry. Bath & Body section contains Bath & Shower: Body Scrubs & Exfoliants, Shower gel, Bubble Bath, Salts & Soaks, and Soap & Hand Wash; Body: Body Moisturizer, Body Treatments, and Supplements; Personal Care: Deodorant, Hair Removal & Shaving, and Teeth Whitening; Hand & Foot Care: Hand & Nail Treatments, Foot Treatments, Manicure & Pedicure Tools; Sun & Sunless, and many other products and product categories.

The website offers an Advice & Trends section which has a blog with advice from makeup artist Romy Soleimani and My Life in Beauty by Rita Hazan. This section also features Award Winning Beauty tips, Trend tutorials, Guest Editor Picks, and a Video Library which contains instructional videos on how best to use their products. You can also have free advice from their Beauty Advisors.

If you want to browse through the complete list of products, visit their web store. You can order all their products online. The Store accepts all major online payment options and is secured by PayPal. They ship to all over the United States and to various international destinations via Shipping is free on orders above $35. They also have promotions through which they send various free samples and gifts. If you face any difficulty you can contact their customer services via phone or email. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube (Beauty TV).

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