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Backup Buddy was created out of necessity and motivation by iThemes which was founded by Cory Miller as he claims to experience several of their very own servers crashing drastically! WordPress did not use to offer comprehensive back up features back then while the company required backups for all of their directories and files in order to process complete and full recovery of the site! Cory further speaks that Backup Buddy was the very first plug – in that he installed on each of his WordPress sites that he used. The tool provides a complete and trustworthy back up mechanism for all of the web sites that their clients run and ensures peace of mind for all of them while for developers; it saves them time and cost enabling them with the ability to transfer their sites from their local development environment to live sites within seconds! Backup Buddy has proven itself as the “must have” plug – in for WordPress. The software allows all of its users to move a WordPress site to some other domain or host conveniently. This is actually a pretty much popular feature for WordPress developers who usually design  custom sites for their clients on a temporary domain or locally (like a sandbox or playground site) and then want to move (or migrate the entire site with themes, plugins, content, styles and widgets over to a live client domain.

Along with all the security and backup features that the plug – in offers to its users, Backup Buddy, itself is backed up by a glorious team of professionals that deals with all of their customers at the highest level of decency, concern and effectiveness so that all of their problems can be resolved timely and maximum convenience can be ensured! Their customer support staff goes by the notion that the customers always come first and are the only important beings that need to be kept happy and sound for smooth functioning of all the business operations. Moreover, they are also available on all the social media networks so to regularly update their clients with all the important news and information regarding technology.

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