Astro Gaming Coupon Codes, Promo Code

Astro Gaming is a sports brand going heart to heart with the pro gaming community. Starting as a side venture of ASTRO Studios, it is now a separate company operating the hardcore gaming niche market. Having a mix of people who designed the popular Microsoft Xbox 360 and its accessories, you can be sure any products that they put in the market will be a gamers dream.

They offer a range of products which includes headsets, accessories and gear. Their latest inclusion is the ASTRO A50 Wireless headset. Priced at $300, is a gamers dream, being compatible with Xbox One, Play Station 4, Xbox 360, Play Station 3, and PCs. It has a natural over ear fit, which is very comfortable. The microphone quality is excellent with a Flip up to mute function.  The Sound Quality is rated at Dolby Digital 7.1. What more you say? It operates at a wireless frequency of 5.8 GHZ, which means interference from other wireless devices is non-existent; providing clarity and range which is unmatchable.

Maybe $300 is too much of a price tag for you, no worries; they have other headsets in a range which may suit your pocket. A step down from A50, is the A40 which comes in the price range of $150-$260; with final price depending on the accessories that you select with it. It has a similar compatibility with XB1, PS4, 360, PS3, and PC. A regular over ear fit, with Dolby Digital 7.1, will keep you immersed and comfortable. A unique feature in this headset is the removable Microphone. This comes in handy when you switch to the provided cable (2m), which has an inline microphone. It all comes down to your choice and comfort. You can even order it with custom tags. You can choose from their collection or you can use their customize feature and design your own tag.

Almost all of their headset parts and wires are available separately in the accessories section, along with many other gaming trinkets. If you are really impressed by their work they have launched a gear section which contains bags, apparel and hats. Their products are available from different retailers, or you can buy them from the web store, which accepts all major payment options. It ships to all over the United States. If you have any difficulty you can contact their customer services via phone and email. You can also follow them on their blog, which brings you gaming news from all over the world. Other connecting options include social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube.

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