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How do you even begin to review a store as gigantic as American Eagle? What if we are biased against it? How will our audience perceive it? Will it be worth it? These were just some of the questions which plagued our team. So, were we able to do it justice, just read on to find out.

Who They Are

American Eagle Outfitters is an American company which sells fashion AMERICAN_EAGLE Store Frontclothing for both men and women. They primarily target the 15-32 age-groups and are known for their chic and efficiently priced clothing. It is currently headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. They have two main brands, American Eagle Outfitters and Aerie, which are sold through their on-ground stores and the ecommerce website ae.com. And my, do they have a presence in the world! With more than 915 AEO stores and 160 Aerie stores across the world, it is one of the largest retail chains of America.

A Brief History

The company was established back in 1977 by the Silverman Brothers. It has seen many fashion trends over the years and has been at the forefront in setting them. Be it the low rise jeans of the 70s or the straight skin tights of the later years, it has seen it all.

It was owned by the Silvermans for a long period of time, but partial difficulties in the 90s had them sell out to Schottensteins. It went public in 1994. The IPO, which was very successful, enabled them to set a rapid expansion plan, which brings us to the current times. That is about all the history that our readers can digest and so, let us proceed to the real things.

Claim to Fame

So, what are their claims to fame? What are they famous for? This is what we think differentiates them.

  • Downright, one of the largest retail chains of America.
  • Its long term commitment to the upcoming generations in the form of hip denim clothes.
  • Instrumental in affecting the fashion of the late 70s and 80s.
  • Their CSR initiatives which promote healthy activities among youth.
  • Their affordable prices, which mean you won’t have to empty your bank accounts for a hip pair of jeans.

Website Design

Main menu

The website features a user friendly design, which is very easy to navigate. The main categories are listed at the top center of the Home Page and include Women, Men, Jeans, Aerie, Gifts, and Clearance. Moving down you will find a remarkable display of their latest deals, new collections, and most popular blog entries. Company information, customer service, and social media page links can be found at the bottom of every page. The site search feature is a bit harder to spot given the white background, but it is only a minor difficulty. (BTW, it is located at the top right corner.)

Ease of Navigation:

The website uses a contrasting light and dark theme which is easy to read and access nine times out of ten. They have categories and subcategories which allow you to narrow down your search. Jumping to any part of the website is easy due to the always-on-display top bar. Further categories can be accessed via the drop down menus concealed in the main categories.

Side menus

Upon selecting a menu you will be taken to the relevant page, where there are further options which appear and can be used to refine the search. Of course, the least time taking way is to use the site-search feature, which will bring up the items in a jiffy.

The Actual Products

As referenced earlier, they have two brands: American Eagle Outfitters, which is their main apparel line; and the Aerie brand, which is a line of lingerie and active wear products for females. Let us start with the American Eagle Outfitters. They have the following list of products on sale, under the brand:

For Women

Tops Bottoms Dresses + Rompers
Shirts Jeans Don’t Ask Why
Tees Pants Aerie Swim
Graphic Tees Crops Socks
Sweaters Leggings + Yoga Shoes
Hoodies + Sweatshirts Joggers + Lounge Accessories
Tank Tops Shorts Fragrance
Bralettes Skirts
Jackets + Outerwear



The main difficulty in doing a review on such a big retailer is the vast quantity of inventory that they hold at any one time. Unless one is careful, there is always a chance of missing out on things. But, a review is after all only an opinion.

The assortment of styles present and the diversity in the colors and materials were an absolute pleasure. Let us start from the shirts section. They were stylish, available in a range of colors and would make most women stand out. Just look at the designs. From button down shirts to long maxi skirts, this is the place to browse through. They would do excellently in combination with a hip pair of jeans.

Just have a look at their Flannels and Plaids:


On the other hand, if you are a more of a tee person, then they had some really vibrant colors and designs, especially in their graphic tee section, which is known for its characteristic logos. Here are some of our most beloved picks from the Tees section.


However, if you are more interested in the graphic tees, then the collection found in it is more varied. In fact, when compared with the men’s section the variety is about 10 times greater.

Now, let us move to their Outerwear and Jackets section. After all, it is the season for layering on clothes. They have a veritable collection of denim and other materials. Their jackets are fashionable indeed and can be paired up with most of their other products. So, if you are in the mood, you can pair denim with a button down shirt, and a green parka with a beanie on top. We consider it as the ideal getup for winter, of course.


You would not believe the level of happiness among some of our staff members when we got to finally cover this portion. But, the overall size of their collection is large, to say the least. The materials are predominantly denim, with a sparse sprinkle of cotton in the mix.

Of course every wardrobe has to have a good pair of jeans. The other articles can be compromised, but not the trusty pair of jeans. And do they have jeans! Yes, they do. Available in 10 different fits and having more than a 100 washes, with colors covering the major part of the spectrum; you will find their collection refreshing and comfortable.

What use is an article of clothing if it isn’t comfortable? It is true that we all make sacrifices to achieve the best look, but that cannot be done every day. We will not bore you any more with our words.

But, we would understand if you are more of a pants girl. Pants can be more relaxing depending on the fit that you choose. However, this can be said about any article of clothing nowadays. We loved their lounge pants, which seemed an ideal way to relax in the lounge.

Their Boho pants had an extra bit of style in it, maybe it was the artistic design, and consequently, it was voted as the most stylish pant in their inventory:

Women jeggings

Dresses + Rompers

We did not have high hopes for their collection of dresses, after all a dress is a very special thing, and, were we wrong! Not only do they have an excellent collection of dresses, but they have them in a range of materials.

They had bold designs, with even bolder cuts and the variety covered the whole package from sundresses to maxis and minis.

Maxi dresses

But, we were pleasantly surprised by the simple class of their Cable Knit Sweater dresses. They were truly mesmerizing and you just have to buy one to know it.

Sweater Dresses

The rompers were okay, though limited in style and designs, we are afraid you will have to shop elsewhere if you want some modicum of choice.

Before we move on to the men’s section, let us sum up our overall opinion. We think they have an excellent collection, and it can definitely be turned into a one stop shop. You can totally buy yourself a chic and fabulous outfit from head to toe. And the prices are reasonable, so you won’t have to rob a bank to look the way you want.

For Men:

Tops Bottoms Underwear
Shirts Jeans Socks
Tees Pants Shoes
Graphic Tees Joggers Accessories
Sweaters Shorts Cologne
Hoodies + Sweatshirts


As can be seen from the vast quantity of product categories present in the Tops Section of Menswear, they have a large collection of tops suitable for all kinds of fashion lovers. It is true that they target an audience which is on the younger side, but the decorum and grace required for the older generation, can also be glimpsed in their apparel.

Whether you are looking for a shirt to pair with your favorite jeans or khaki pants, their variety will have you covered. The variety had some cool plain, check, stripe, and even some flowery designs in the mix. The T-Shirt collection had a similar diversity of colors and designs. Available in all sizes, they were made from soft cotton jersey to keep you comfortable and provide a modicum of warmth.

On the other hand, their signature graphic tees are an all-time favorite. The beloved American Eagle logo, which is one of its major attractions, is displayed prominently on most of them. This pays tribute to a product which has not waned in demand since their beginning in the late 70s. There is just this wave of patriotic emotions that American Eagle has been very successful in using to its advantage.

Now we move to our favorite part, the outerwear. Half the fun which can be had in cold weather comes from the excitement of layering clothes. Like most young and fun loving individuals, we just love to layer. So, how does American Eagle perform in the Layering/Outerwear department.

Hmm, first of all you won’t find any specialized outerwear like those found in outerwear stores like the North Face, but then we do not expect anyone to shop at American Eagle when they are planning a trip to the arctic. That would be plain ole wrong.

Having said that, we think that the assortment of jackets and coats was adequate. They featured an unabashed majority of denim jackets and coats, but that is to be expected of a company which specializes in denim products. They also have outerwear in other stuffs like Chambray and fine wool, which looks cool and chic. But as we have said, their collection of other stuff isn’t all bad:





Let us start with their khakis and pants. Once again, they had an adequate range of these products. It wasn’t the largest we have seen, but it was one of the larger ones, more than enough to satisfy most customers. Made predominantly from cotton, with a mix of polyester and elastane, they are ideal for dressing up and come in a variety of shades. They can be worn with oxfords and a button down shirt for some awesome evenings. The look can be completed by adding a blazer to protect from the cold or just to add as a fashion accessory.


The fits were same as those for their main denim jeans. They come in Skinny, which will hug your legs; Slim, which are well less tight, yet prim to look at; Slim Straight; Original Straight; Relaxed Straight, and Super Skinny. We would not advise you to go for Super Skinny unless you have the legs to go for it.



Now that the little things are out of the way, we can finally move on to the real thing: Jeans. We were not really surprised to find one of the largest collection of Jeans, here. After all, they specialize in denim. The varitey is awesome and fabulous. There are designs and fits to suit everyone.

However, we were especially impressed with their new Extreme Flex jeans. Okay! Time to be honest again; the thing with jeans is that they were originally made to be durable and comfort was derived from the durability. Even though we have come a long way from the time when jeans were only for the working class, there is still a feeling in most of them that we have associated with: we are wearing jeans.

Pants 2

But, with their Extreme Flex series, the feeling isn’t there. Now, that is a level of comfort that we actively promote ourselves, by wearing them of course. And when you look at the composition, you will understand the reason why. They are made from right mix of 85% cotton, 12% polyester, and 3% Spandex. But, this is just a general formula and does not represent the quality of their yarn, or even its flexibility.

However, that is not to say that the others weren’t cool, it is just that sometimes we are more attracted towards one product than the other. Other fits available included Slim Straight, Slim, Slim Taper, Skinny, Super Skinny, Original Straight, Athletic fit, loose, etc.

They had a total variety of 100 washes available at the time of this review ranging from blue and black to everything in-between. Faded colors, destroyed details, whiskers, you name it and they had it.

Their website is a one stop shop for any jean loving customer, as you can get all the items from your bucket list and we are talking about socks, shoes, and cologne as well.

The Blog

The blog is your entry into the hip world of denim and fashion. Although, we were a bit disappointed with the limited number of entries that they had for men’s fashion, despite their excellent line of products for them, nevertheless, we would rate it as one of the most active and interesting blogs that we have come across. I guess we would just have to accept that fashion blogs are a bit biased towards the female gender.


You will come across some really interesting material here including our favorite blog entry titled: 5 Fit Resolutions to Make this Winter; which as some of our readers will doubtless point out is not related to fashion. However, we would beg to differ. Fashion is all about presenting something which is already there in the personality and people should put some effort into staying fit.

But, we will not shy away from declaring a soft corner for their Outfit of the Week posts. Just as the name suggests, they are their posts declaring the best outfit of the week.

Shipping Policy & Returns Policy

You can place your orders online and have them shipped to your address. Standard Shipping is free on orders above $49. There are also some items which come with free 2 day shipping, which is otherwise charged at $15. UPS Overnight shipping is available at $20. But, these prices are only for shipping within the US and we would advise you to read through their international shipping policy before ordering from outside the US. You can track your order through their order tracking page.

They have a standard returns policy. Items can be returned using two methods. You can either go to one of their stores and hand in the items, or you can ship them back to their Returns Department Address. In both cases, it does not matter whether you originally bought the item online or not. Either way they have a 100% customer satisfaction returns policy.


Payment is accepted through a range of cards including their own gift cards. The standard options available are American Express, Discover Network, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, and the debit cards which have a MasterCard or Visa logo on them.

Customer Service & Social Media

A company cannot survive for this long without good customer service. 24-7This is even more so when it comes to ecommerce websites. Customer Service is available 24/7 via live chat, email, and phone. They will help you resolve any difficulties that you may encounter and answer all your additional questions.

They also maintain a healthy social media presence. You can follow them via pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumbler.

CSR Initiatives

American Eagle Outfitters is known for its extensive corporate social responsibility initiatives carried out under the umbrella of their gigantic program AEO Better World. They hold various charity drives and awareness campaigns to further the cause of humanity. Plus, their promotion of healthy activities among the youth is heartwarming.

Our Conclusion

We were unable to cover their Aerie section, because of the gigantic amount of work involved. But, our review of their AEO section has turned out to be pretty positive. They have faced some rightful criticism about their limited collection in the past years. But, they have taken the necessary steps to counter that and their most recent collections are a blast. So, it will be no surprise when we rate them among the A+ stores.

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