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The launch of Alpha Industries dates back to the November of 1959 in Knoxville, Tennessee while they are currently headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia. The company is the nation’s leading manufacturer of military – inspired apparel combined with fashion and the greatest quality! It was found by Samuel Gebler back than with the help of a local government contractor who was also a clothing manufacturer and by combining forces, Alpha Industries acquired a small factory on lease in the very next month of its inception while secured their first ever contract with the Department of Defense in the following December! Following on, whether it was fortunate or not, but because of the country’s undesirable involvement with Vietnam the demand for military apparel rose as so did the sales of the company. With the course of time, the company grew by leaps and bounds and currently its network is spread over 69 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Central or North America! Their collection of apparel includes flight jackets & field coats, parkas & leather jackets, pea coats & utility jackets, apparel for NASA, Military specs like NOMEX, jackets & pants, shoes, bags and other stuff.

Along with all the fabulous, adamantine yet  diaphanous products that Alpha Industries has to offer to their gigantic number of both national and international clients, they have definitely the best and the most welcoming customer – relationship management staff that are always on their toes in delivering quality and unparalleled services to all of their customers! They practice honesty and complete transparency in the processing of funds while arrange for timely and accurate deliveries. They have an amazingly interactive online store with a pretty much friendly interface as they believe in keeping it simple. The officials at Alpha Industries also keep active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Instagram.

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