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Algenist is a Skincare products company that is the result of an interesting experiment for finding environmentally friendly and renewable source of energy from Microalgae. As the story goes, the company scientists were experimenting on these Microalgae, when they discovered that the Microalgae were using a compound called Aguronic Acid to keep themselves alive. They secreted this compound in their environments and were able to withstand extreme conditions. From there stemmed the idea of using Alguronic acid for skin care purposes. What eventually came through after years of testing were the Algenist anti-aging and wrinkling formulae.

Algenist currently has a lot of products for skin care based on its research. Its Concentrated Reconstructing Serum visibly decreases the number of deep wrinkles by 25% in just 10 days. Its Firming and Lifting Cream increases skin firmness and elasticity in 10 days by 15%. Algenist also has Anti-aging Repairing Oil which keeps the skin hydrated five times more in a period of 24 hours. Its portfolio of products includes: Cleansers, Toners, Masks, Exfoliators and Peels, Serums and Oils, Moisturizers, Eye Treatments, UV Protection, Correctors and Primers, Gift Sets, and Regimens.

The company offers a Skincare Evaluation, in which you have to answer a few questions and it can help formulate a regimen to best take care of your skin. Also, the products have a 30 day money back guarantee. The company’s anti-aging creams claim to show affects in just 10 days, so the there is little to lose. Algenist’s products have won various awards over the years. In 2015 alone, two of its products: GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Vitamin C + Serum and Repairing Tint & Radiance Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 won the”2015 Beauty OWARDS”.

The products are all displayed on their web store and can be bought directly or you can visit their on-ground store, personally. The web store supports all major payment methods and ships to all states in the United States. If you have any problems you can contact their Customer Services via phone and email. You can also reach them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks.

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