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Skin is something which can never be left on its own but has to be taken care of regularly as not only it makes us look and feel beautiful and fresh but also protects us from several harsh encounters around the clock that might damage our health like sunrays and other pollutants and bacteria! Alchimie Forever was founded about a couple of decades ago when Luigi Polla, after getting done with his studies, started a dermatology practice center in Geneva, Switzerland. Soon, he was widely accepted as an expert when it came to laser treatment in skin care. It was the December of 1997 when Luigi with his wife Barbara Polla who herself was a biomedical researcher with work focused on stress proteins and antioxidants, decided to transform the dermatology practice facility of theirs into the first ever medical spa of Europe and named it as the Forever Laser Institut! This venture of theirs provided an effective combination of medical treatments and traditional spa services while all under strict medical codes. They began selling Forever Choice, their own line of beauty products from 2000 which was compatible with all skin types and produced remarkable results! They were growing like anything and in 2003, Barbara along with her daughter Ada Polla (the current CEO), decided to expand their company in the United States and established Alchimie Forever LLC. in Washington D.C. Their line of products include cleansers, exfoliators & masks, serums & treatments, eye care, creams, body care, professional products, anti – aging & acne solutions, brown spots solutions, dry, oily & sensitive skin products, redness, slimming/tightening and others while the distributions are done in Switzerland, France, Canada, US and Mexico!

Apart from the astonishing results that the products of Alchimie Forever delivers, the skincare line is backed up by a fantastically proactive customer support staff that makes sure maximum convenience for the customers, secure and transparent processing of all the payments, complete tracking of all the orders and timely deliveries to both local and international destinations! The officials are amazingly warm & welcoming, proactive & responsive and efficient n& productive and deliver all of the exquisite services by putting a smile on their faces! They have a completely secure web site while are available on Facebook and twitter. They also maintain a highly interactive and informative blog so that nothing goes unshared and the clients are always kept up – to – date!

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