Abe’s Market Coupon Codes, Promo Code


AbesMarket.com is an online market which features all natural products from local small time retailers across America. It was started back in October 2009 by longtime friends and entrepreneurs Jon Polin and Richard Demb. The decision was propelled by their love of natural organic products. They felt that there was a dearth of a platform which went against the stony principles of globalized markets and brought the manufacturer and the customer into contact once more making things personal.

AbesMarket.com is named after Abe who was Jon’s Grandpa. He was a well-respected pharmacist, who was known for helping his neighbors and everyone he came in contact with. When the founders finally decided to implement their plan, they thought it best to name the business after Abe, who represented all the qualities that they were trying to establish.

Website Design

The website features a very lively design, which is very easy to navigate. The main categories are listed at the top center of every page and include Food, Home, Health & Nutrition, Face & Body, Pet Care, Baby & Kids, and Gifts. Moving down the home page you will come across the most read content of their magazine closely followed by the newly introduced products. At the bottom, you have the regular company information, policies, customer service, and social media page links.

The overall theme utilizes white background with a vibrant green for menus and titles. This makes the overall outlook remind you of natural landscapes and bright fields. Each of the main categories is further subcategorized for ease of browsing. If you are looking for a specific product or seller, then using their site search feature located at the top right corner of each page will yield results much faster.

Upon selecting a major category you can refine the results displayed by further subcategories, qualities, price, and sellers. The website is well optimized for ease of browsing.

The Products

It sells a host of different organic products under its banner and it will not be possible to review all of them. However, let us go through a couple of categories to get a better idea about the range and diversity of their products.



Food has a lot on offer. Some of the categories that you can buy from are: Drinks, Tea, Chocolate, Breakfast, Healthy Snacks, and much more. What makes them different from others is that each of their products is being produced using organic ingredients and is personally checked by their team before being put on display. And the profits will not be going to the big companies; they will be going to small time producers.



This section contains several small time items which will make your life easier around the house. The main categories include Lunch Kits, Sustainable Utensils, Kitchen Supplies, Green Cleaning, Candles, Outdoor and Garden, etc. The items are biodegradable and reusable for the most part.

Health & Nutrition


The health and nutrition section contains many remedies, which can help you maintain a better health. It is full of alternate medicine.

Payments, Customer Service, and Social Media

The website is secured by digicert and accepts a range of different online payment options such as Visa and MasterCard. You can place the order online and have them shipped to your address. Shipping is free on all orders above $50. But, read through the relevant section for complete details.

Customer service is available via phone and email. They will help you select the right products and help in resolving any difficulties that you may face in using their services. Additionally, you can follow them via their pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Coupons and Benefits

Coupons are issued by companies to increase their outreach. However, they present customers with a really good opportunity to buy the desired products at discounted prices. So, if you have decided to go all organic, Rebateszone can help you keep your resolve by giving you access to AbesMarket.com coupon codes. Use them ASAP, for they expire rather quickly.

How to Use Coupons

1. Go to the website and select the items that you wish to buy.

2. Add them to cart.

3. After you are done adding, just click checkout when you are prompted.


4. It will take you to a summary of your selected items. Here you have the link to Enter a Coupon Code.

5. Just click it, and a box will appear.

6. Copy the code from our website and paste it into the box.

7. Click Apply. The page will refresh to reveal the discounted prices.

8. If you are satisfied with the results then Proceed to Checkout and follow their instructions to complete the transaction.