Spring Gift Guide

Fresh mown grass, birds chirping, and the continuous rhythm of footfalls in light music on the jogging track: the spring is here. Flowers are blooming, the spring wedding season is here, and chances are someone you know will be getting married soon. The cold is good and all. The snow is interesting. But in the end, cold weather tends to bind us to the home. Come spring, freedom awaits us once more.

You don’t even have to be an active person to enjoy the freshness that is brought by spring. The Spring break is either in progress or just round the corner and incidentally so is Easter. The Easter Eggs and the popular legendary anthropomorphic Easter Bunny all make for a jolly holiday. If children are a part of your life, then the Easter egg hunt is something to look forward to. After all, if the White House does it for children, then so can you.

So, now that we have rounded up on all the current goings on, let us move to our latest gift guide prepared specifically for the Spring of 2016. We have once again done the research for you and bring you the best.



We have come a long way when it comes to women empowerment, but the same cannot be said for many other regions of the world. This product will not only provide you with the latest fashion, but will also contribute to women empowerment in India. This specific piece has been prepared by Annu, who ran away from forced sexual trade and is trying to build a life for herself. If you like the pant, then purchase it and ask your friends to help out as well.

Lipstick Pink Tucktail

pink dress

Fashion does not have to be discomforting. Over the years we all develop a comfort zone and it is our right to be fashionable and yet not go out of it. This is a revolutionary camisole. It will help you avoid the “plumber’s crack” – the feeling that your back is sticking out and your panties are visible to the rest of the world. This is a patent pending product that will help you cover the regions at all times and allow maximum movement. They are very comfortable and come in a range of different colors to suit your needs.

Jam-Pac Premium Plus Handlebar Bag Bicycle Speaker System


Using GPS Navigation and listening to music on your smartphone can be a terrible experience. But, there is a device which will let you do both the things and even charge your phone while you use it. The bag can be attached to the handle bar. The phone can be securely attached to the bag and will stay there. The bag is waterproof and made for rugged use. The Jam-Pac speakers produce sound to a max of 97dB. While, they can take some moisture, they are not waterproof, so close the flap when it is raining and enjoy.

Organic Airbrush Miracle BB Cream


Are you tired of your routine where you have to put on 4-5 different products to get good results? Would you like to replace it with something which is organic and will satisfy you requirements? This organic BB Cream is free from all synthetic materials. It will hydrate, moisturize, and brighten your complexion in 30 seconds. It would be especially useful if you have kids or a very busy schedule. It is a light coverage product, so you will have to layer if you want heavier coverage.



If we were to conduct a survey about the one garment people would not part with it would be joggers. Why is that? The answer is simple: we like to stay comfortable. These ones will keep you comfortable whether you are in the gym, on the track, or at home just chilling out with your friends. Made from a mixture of cotton, polyester, and rayon they have the fluffiest of linings, which will make you feel like you are wearing a cloud.



Have you ever wanted a sleeping dress which could be worn till Sunday afternoon and which can also be used to wear outside? Well, this Pima Cotton sleep dress tries to cover this category exclusively. 100% Pima cotton means that it is soft, light, and pretty much wrinkle free. Otherwise, it is an oversized dress which will give you the borrowed from the boy look. It can be layered with other articles when going out. Size down for a snugger fit and size up for greater length.

Lust in the Dust Soap and Lotion Stick-Up Set


They say that the morning breeze in the desert is one of its most beautiful aspects. If you like the deserts and the humdrum activity that can go about them, then you will also be familiar with the heat that it can generate. And this soap is made to tackle the rough environment. Made from a mix of natural vegan oils, it will make your skin silky and smooth. All the outlaw soaps and lotions are handmade, so there may be slight weight and cosmetic differences, but you can always be sure of the quality.



So you get up every morning and go through the same routine, the same boring routine. Ever wondered what would happen if you had a more interesting mug! A mug which would brighten your day due to its ingenuity? This one has come straight from a successful kickstarter campaign. It will keep your coffee hot for a longer period of time and the upper insulated plate has been made so that your coffee can warm your morning muffin, doughnut, scone, or any other treat.

True Fit Short Sleeve Polo


This polo shirt is quality incarnate. The true fit means that it will fit you just right. It is not a classic fit, and it is not a slim fit. Furthermore, it is made from 100% pima cotton. This gives it a naturally wrinkle free outlook which is light, soft, and breathable. It employs French seams, which take up to 5 times as long as regular seems, but you will know the difference as soon as you wear it. The fabric is pre-shrunk and can be washed without any fear of shrinking.



Bath salts are a nice way to relax your body. It is one of the items which can be used to treat yourself. These have been taken from the Dead Sea and mixed with Brazilian Sea Salt to give you the perfect mixture which will relax your muscles and beautify your skin. The whole mix has been imbued with passion fruit and papaya. Just mix them in hot water to release the fragrance and enjoy.

Afternoon Delight


Unlike coffee, there are a lot of tea blends out there. In fact, you can brew a tea from almost any edible species of plants. But, the most amazing thing about it, are the countless benefits. This amazing Afternoon Delight is a simple mix of mint and lemon myrtle, along with some mixed spices. Despite its simplicity, it will aid in digestion, reduce blackheads, and even help out in minimizing the pores. So, drink this tea and take the first steps to becoming a tea connoisseur.

DARTdrones Gift Certificate


So, you have bought a drone for commercial photography, but the results aren’t as you expected. Well, the thing is that learning to fly a drone has a very high learning curve. It takes time and expertize to master. While, you can do it on your own, if you do feel that you require some professional help, then this is the perfect course for you. They teach drone flying using major drones, which will help you in taking professional photos every single time.

Atlanta City Collage Kitchen Towel


If you like to collect cool and unique keepsakes for the cities that you have visited, then having a unique kitchen towel is just the thing. It will brighten up the kitchen, while at the same time providing you with countless memories of a time well spent. If you are someone who would someday like to go to different cities, then it is equally good, as it will remind you of your promise every time you wipe your hands. Otherwise, it is made from environmentally friendly materials and should stay with you for a long time.



There aren’t very many good retailers out there who offer products specifically for curly hair. And of all the products it is often difficult to decide whether they would work well or not. However, this is where this sampler pack comes in. It has a little of everything so that you can try them out and if it works well with your hair, which it will, then you can order the regular packs. Furthermore, Wonder Curl checks all the products on humans (usually themselves) instead of animals and make sure that the end products are environmentally friendly.

Ghana Light Roast (Cavalla)


Tired of drinking coffee and going through the subsequent crashes? Well there is an alternative out there: Ghana Light Roast (Cavalla). This is a cocoa bean brew and although it will provide you a similar boost in energy, it does not contain caffeine. Contrarily, it contains theobromine, which has many other health effects in addition to providing energy. It will boost your immune system and even promote weight loss. Other benefits of the brew include a naturally rich mineral content which can boost your brain.

Apollo 11 IPhone 6 plus case


Apollo 11 was one of the greatest achievements of America at the time. It still inspires most of us today despite the decades of technological advances. If you have a love of the old spacecraft that made it possible for mankind to land on the moon and would love it as a cover for your iPhone 6 plus, then this is just the right one. It is light, yet durable and has been designed with the latest technology. What’s more, it will not interfere with the NFC technology.

MyAir Comfort Mask Kit


Air Filters are good and all, but they still tend to dampen your overall style. If you have a job which requires a mask, but you have always wanted to have something a bit more stylish, then this air mask is made just for you. It has a replaceable filter system and the product will ship with 3 replaceable filters and a zip lock case to store them. It will filter out the harmful substances in the air and keep your lungs safe and healthy.

Cardiff Headrest


Children have this odd tendency to fall asleep in the car. While, that may bode well for you, depending on the situation, the ergonomics are absolutely horrible, with them constantly falling over. Now, there is a simple solution available in the form of Cardiff Headrest. It will support them and prevent them from falling over. It is a universal attachment which can be clipped onto the seat and is so easy to operate that the children will use them without any help.

Mike's Aftershave Tonic


With more and more synthetic substances turning out to be harmful for the skin, it may be best to switch to a natural based aftershave. This one is made with witch hazel and essential oils. It will moisturize and rejuvenate your skin after the shave. Just splash a few drops and gently rub it into the skin. It will close the pores and give your skin a smooth and toned appearance.



If you are someone who is entering the world of yoga and do not know where to begin, or you know someone who is just beginning their journey as a Yogi, then this is the perfect starter box for them. It contains a yoga towel, a yoga mat sticker, a Ribbon Bracelet, chakra stones, and many other small things which will make the experience very easy. So, just light the candle and start your practice in yoga.

Everyday Protection


Sometimes things are easier if you have everyday skin care all figured out. All the things that you need packed in a single packet can help a lot. This one contains Clean Skin Face Wipes, Everyday Facial Moisturizer and Sunscreen, Berry Flavored Lip Balm ball, and the gift bag of course. So, no matter where you are going you will have all the essentials. It makes a very good gift. And if you want one too, we understand.

25 Beautiful Things Complete Kit


Do you remember a time when you just used to love coloring. Hours would pass by. You are probably remembering your childhood. But, what happened? Do we stop because we grow up? The fact is that coloring retains the peace that it brought us as children, we just moved to more glitzy things. This coloring book for adults will keep you occupied and help you get creative. The complex nature involved will always ensure that anything you do will be unique.

LED Lighted Vanity Mirror


Things have become so advanced these days. We have cameras the size of a button, which can zoom in and out. But, somehow the simpler things like vanity mirrors are taking too long to catch up. Or, are they! This one not only has tactically placed LED lights to light your face, it also has a mirror which can provide you with 10x magnification. The battery is rechargeable and the mirror has 360° rotation, so that you can adjust it at whichever angle you want.

Melt Your Heart Molten Cakes


This cake is just outright scrumptious. And it is ideal for melting hearts. Although, we would consume it even if there were no hearts to melt. It is made from flourless dark chocolate and soufflé. However, there is an art to heating this perfect cake. Put it in the microwave and heat it at 10 second intervals to melt the chocolate lava inside. Shipping is available throughout the US, but you may want to factor in the time.

Mattress Pad--Standard Version


Do you have sleeping problems? Do you think that they are caused by the electrical fields of the appliances you keep at home? If that is indeed the case, then this Mattress Pad is just perfect for you. It has been designed ergonomically and contains magnets which will keep the damaging force fields at bay. This therapy mattress has been used by thousands of people to good effect; it’s worth a shot at the least.

Artisan Assortment


If you think that marshmallows are one of the best things to be discovered on earth, then this one is just for you. We often have some difficulty in choosing the right flavors and sometimes we are so fixated on one that we miss out on others. This will eliminate that. All their marshmallows are handmade and roughly equal 1” x 1”. You will get three bags, each containing 10, but the flavors are a mystery that will only be solved upon arrival.


The Gay Groom's Guide To Planning Your Perfect Wedding: (Without Losing Your Mind)


If you have the big event coming up and do not know what to do, then this book will open the doors of your mind to a perfect wedding town. This workbook contains useful guidance and has space to write down your notes. It will help you decide each thing methodically and what’s more you would have everything arranged in a very organized manner. Once you are done, you can frame it and it will remind you of the sweet time.



Vaping is all the craze these days and high tech, well-made vapes are in high demand. Here enters Firefly 2. It is the second version of the popular vaporizer Firefly. This one is 55% lighter and 33% smaller than the first version. It comes with customizable temperature settings, a fast charging battery, and is a blast to use. We have one thing to add though: only use vapes which are safe and this is even more important when choosing concentrates.

FreshPaper by Fenugreen

fresh paper

The single most difficult thing about fresh vegetables/fruit is that it spoils so easily. Sometimes even if you refrigerate it, it will spoil. But, what if we told you that there is an easy way around it all? Sounds amazing, right? Well, there is. This Fresh Paper will prolong the life of any fresh food by up to 2- 4 times. Just put the paper in the fresh vegetables compartment and see for yourself. The product has been made using spices. It is completely environment and human friendly.



If you have a sensitive skin, which does not like most body cleansers, or if you would like to pamper yourself, then we suggest using this coconut and jasmine based body cleanser. Made from coconut, which is a natural moisturizer and has soothing properties, it will hydrate you skin. The jasmine oil will provide you with a natural antiseptic and the aroma will calm your nerves. It has a floral scent with base undertones. Other ingredients include Olive oil, witch hazel, sativa seed oil, and other essential oils.

Woven Fringe Square Clutch


Clutch is the ideal evening bag. It carries all your essentials and nothing more. Plus, it goes absolutely perfectly with a dress. But, this is not your ordinary clutch. This is a square clutch and has fringes all over it, giving it an artistic appearance. It uses black washed leather which is closed by a zipper and a steel leather fringe, with unlined raw edges. It would be ideal for an evening out and or other major pursuits.

Organic Citrus Facial Cleanser


Like we said before, synthetic materials are proving to be more and more troublesome by the day. Hence, we have a soft spot for organic materials and cleansers in our heart. This one is made from organic citrus, jojoba oil, and grape fruit among other things. To use it, just shake the bottle and apply a small amount gently to your wet face. Use circular motions to rub it in. Rinse it off with warm water and pat it dry.



Do you like to go for scuba diving, free diving, or spearfishing? Are you afraid that someday you will have a terrible encounter with a shark? This device here is made just to alleviate these fears. It will reduce the chances of an unwanted shark encounter. It uses close-range, low frequency electrical fields to keep the sharks away. This causes an irritation in the shark’s snout from which the shark will move away. It does not harm the shark in any way and you can enjoy your activities without the fear as well.

Heart Pillow


Your mood is greatly affected by your surroundings. It is a fact that can be used to bolster your chances of staying stress free. After all, the feeling of comfort that comes over you when you enter your home is partially due to the environment. You can make it even better with these customizable pillows. Made from 100% cotton they are soft and can have a message printed with custom hand lettering. You can add them to your living room or bedroom, or even kitchen stools.



if you use headphones a lot, then you will be familiar with them tying the most flabbergasting knots. We are pretty sure that even sailors wouldn’t know all the knots that your headphone can tie themselves into. If you are tired of it, then there is a solution which will knock off your socks. A case which will keep them straight, ready for use, and protect your iPhone, all without dampening your style. The case has been made from polycarbonate and you can fit any favorite pair of headphones in it.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder (Teas & Lattes)


When we first heard of this, we said to ourselves, what is this Matcha Powder? Now we know. Simply put it is an extract of leaves from the plant camellia sinensis and is used to make high grade teas. It can also be used in lattes, smoothies, and baking. How is it different from normal green tea? The antioxidant level in this is 137 times that of normal green tea. And since it is a powder, your body can actually benefit from all the nutrients instead of those that seep into the tea which is made from tea leaves.

We hope that we have been able to help you out in preparing for the spring. However you celebrate the spring, just stay safe and remember the best gift does not have to cost a fortune. The value of a gift cannot be measured in dollars.

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