Men Gift Guide : Gifts Under $100

Life is the most beautiful of gifts, but unfortunately most of us do not live it to its potential. We get bogged down in the race to build a career, responsibilities come in, and before we know it, old age has come and we only wish that we had led a more active life, that we had just explored the world a bit more.

The world around us lives in a balance. All we have to do is just look up and see the moon at night. If it were to come closer, half the world would be submerged in tidal storms which could completely cover mega cities such as New York and London. So, like the balance that we see in the physical world around us, we also need a balance in our life styles. Building a career is important, but so is spending some time with your partner, your kids, and your loved ones.

And just as life is a gift, so can gifts give new life to relationships which need a boost. If you have been looking for gifts for him, then look no further, for we have compiled our newest list and Gift Guide for Men, which will not cost you more than $100.

Personalized Handprint Necklace


Often we want to preserve memories and something of our children from their childhood. It is often in the form of the first drawings that they make, the first step that they take, or a photo of them smiling. But, all these can be destroyed or lost. So, what if you could preserve the handprint of your child in silver? This fine silver necklace does this very thing. It will be your unique and personal connection to your child no matter where he goes.

Flat Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring


The core of this ring is made from tungsten carbide which is a highly durable material and a fine layer of black tungsten is added for onyx color. The simplicity of the ring adds to its elegance. The ring is available with the widths of 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. The ring comes with a lifetime warranty.

Encouragement Planner


This planner keeps you focused in your life by reminding you of the priorities, purpose, and vision of your life. You can plan your life in accordance with your vision and you can also evaluate your monthly goals with the help of this planner. There are multiple sections in the planner like daily habits, birthdays and notes etc. there is also a section of reflection questions which you will be able to address at the end of the each month.

Pro Stash


This bag is perfect to place your most necessary accessories when you are travelling or when you want to place all the necessary useable together. It has a combination lock which provides security. It also has padded dividers which you can even customize. The bag can accommodate 2 to 3 little jars and plenty of other small things. It also has a charging port.

Poison Bottles


These are charming bottles with the name of some toxic chemical printed on them. You can store any type of liquid in these bottles you want. The size of the bottles is 5″ x 2.5″. One bottle is available in $12 while two in $20.

Orthopedic Pants for Post Knee Surgery


If you are recovering from a knee, leg or a hip injury then this pant is perfect for you. You can easily dress and undress. It has strategically placed zippers which allow access to different parts of your lower body. It is also best for exercises and other therapy sessions.

J. Nico 2007 American Syrah


This Syrah is made from finest grapes of California. The grapes were fermented for more than 16 months before the final bottling. Since the Syrah is made in Alexander Valley Sonoma County, it has the taste of minerals and licorice. It was bottled on December 11, 2009.

Big Smoke Chipotle


It is made up of smoked chipotles and other fresh peppers which bring its taste to life. It can be used as an accompaniment to many meals like pizza, pork or burritos. You can also use it by mixing it with mayonnaise. If you are eating something simple like plain pasta, only a spoonful will bring this plain food to life. It is available only in $11.

Atomic Apple Fritter


It is a cinnamon roll with a sugary apple pie finishing. You can select critical mass bottle strength ranging from 30 to120ml. You can also choose critical mass nicotine level ranging from 0mg to 5mg. it is available only in $15.



These are floating lanterns of many colors which are specifically designed by artisans for different festivals. Different tiles with multiple color arrangements of lanterns and some cards are also available. It is available only in $33.

Hemp-AID Pain Spray


This spray relieves pain for 2-3 hours once applied and is made of ingredients like Hemp oil and arnica Montana etc. hemp oil is a natural ingredient to reduce pain. It is absorbed in your muscles and relieves joints. It can be used for multiple purposes like a sore throat, toothache, headache, swelling or other mosquito bites. If you want your whole body relaxed you can spray on foot bottoms. It is available only in $25.

Tivoli Sunglass Case


If you want your eyeglasses or other fancy sunglasses free from scratch, this leather bag is best for you. The size of the bag is fit for most of the glasses. The inside of the case is microfiber suede which polishes the glasses as you move them inside or outside. You can also get a personalized case by specifying initials.

Lux Box Case Classic – White for i-Phone 6 and i-Phone 6s


If you want to protect your i-Phone and you don’t want to put a bulky plastic cover on it, this Lux Box case is perfect for you. The simple cases would just prevent your i-phone from getting scratched without adding any beauty to it. The extended frame of the case protects the screen from accidental drops and also gives a luxury look. The back side contains wool texture and is so light that you won’t find any increased weight.

EnZo Fishing Knife Kit


With this kit you can make your own fishing knife. You can order totally customized kit by selecting handle scales, bracer material color and brass or steel pins or bolts. The blade is made of stainless steel 12c27 which retains sharp edge and is highly corrosion resistant. Total length of the knife is 230 mm, handle included. You can get a 10% discount by using coupon code: “Rebateszone”: the discount is available for the first twenty orders. There is no minimum order amount required and the offer expires at 31-10-2016.

48 Official Wiffle® Ball Baseballs Bulk Wholesale


The package contains 48 baseballs. These are the same balls that come in individual boxes with heavy prices. By purchasing this bundle you will save a lot of money. The balls are brand new with 2.875 inch diameter and 9 inch circumference. You can get this package only in $58.

Dog soap


This soap is made for dogs and for those persons who love dogs very much. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and is hypoallergenic. The ingredients are olive oil, coconut oil, glycerin and vitamin E etc.

Kigo-pai-Paloma shoes


Kigos are all designed for casual comfort, giving you an unmatched connection with the ground. They are everything they need to be and nothing more, kigos promote balance and proprioception, bringing about improved posture and performance. Feel great about this footwear! The kigo pai are as green as they come.Look simple and cute this summer.

Donald J Pliner Men Black Leather Silver Buckle Slip-on Moccasins Loafers Shoes 11 M


These are dress shoes with classic black color. The brand name is Donald J Pliner. These are used shoes but in very good condition. The shoes are made of pure leather and its shiny look makes it brand new. The shoes come with a dust bag. It is available only in $30.

Ark of Noah's hair locks


This Grade A, Top Shelf Pelt is brilliant blonde and beautiful. As much as you’ll need to constantly make sure you’re maintaining this hair lock with the most sustaining and nourishing shampoos, make it compulsory to buy one this summer as well as taking it off before you shower.

Silicon Cover Marble Trend 2016 + Tempered Glass


This cover protects your phone as well as adds beauty to it. It is extremely thin and doesn’t make your mobile heavy to carry. It provides protection to all sides of your cell phone. It is very easy to put on your mobile phone. It also comes with a glass cover which protects your screen. It is available for many Samsung models as well as iPhone 5 series.

One Square Foot


Apart from paintings and other artifacts, if you want to hang a picture of your choice – either random or captured – on the wall of your room, One Square Foot is a perfect deal for you. You just need to upload a picture and add it to cart, and you will get your desired package. The image is printed on 12” Dibond, laminated and with French cleats.

Wally Euro


If you deal with juggling items in your pocket – like coins, credit cards, and money, etc. – then this wallet is a good option for you. This wallet gives you three main features: easy card access, accommodating money clip and a lock pocket. There is an extra pocket for coins and other small things like Sim cards. It has a rotating metal clip, and you can adjust it in accordance with what you carry.

Iron Cross Necklace


This cross is a symbol of bravery and heroism, and its origin can be traced back to the German military. If you feel like you are a brave man and want to commit some acts of heroism, then this cross is perfect for you. The cross is made of steel by the artist Watto Watson. It is highly glossed by use of powder finishing. The interesting thing is that you can choose the size of the chain as you like.

Major League Vapers


It is a flavored e-liquid with different tastes, such as butterscotch and menthol. It is available in multiple nicotine levels ranging from 0mg to 1.8mg. It is a three bottle pack. It is cautioned beforehand that this product contains nicotine – which is associated with some reproductive harm in California. It is available in $75.

"Tomorrow's leaders" Travel Mug


It is a perfect gift for teachers as they keep moving from class to class and don’t have enough time to relax or enjoy a hot cup of coffee. This cup keeps your coffee hot all the time and you can take it anywhere you want from classroom to classroom or from offices to offices. It can add 16 ounces of your favorite beverage whether hot or cold. It is the best gift for teachers – a tomorrow leaders. It is made of double wall plastic – a good insulator. It is safe for microwave and is black in color.

The Silver plus Japan WiFi Buddy


Wherever you go in Japan, there is no need to worry about Wi-Fi, this product connects your existing devices – mobile, tablets and computers – with it and provides a data connection. The design is compact, and it’s easy to carry because of its small size. At the same time, you can connect ten devices with it. Along with the beauty of its design, it also provides the best speed when compared to other devices.

Duffel Bag - Grey or Navy


It is a beautiful bag and can be used for multiple purposes from daily Jim visit to weekend tour. The size of the bag is 42 x 22.5 x 22.5 cm. it is available in two colors – navy and gray. It’s highly durable, easy to carry and a stylish bag. It is available in $25.

Energy Mix (Gluten free, Paleo & Low Sugar)


It is a perfect thing to start a morning with because of its muesli combination of natural ingredients like dates and nuts etc. it is rich in energy and fiber and at the same time contains little sugar. It is also gluten-free. The ingredients are wheat, almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut, cinnamon, and dates. You can use it with any mixture of juices or milk, as you like. The only limit in ways for preparing it is your own imagination.



This pendant has a mystical story of its own. The short version goes that it was cast by stacking the letters of the phrase: Love is all you need. However, when it was finally observed after the first one was built. They found that it contains all the 26 alphabets and the numbers from 1-9. The design is exquisite and looks fabulous in sterling silver. Plus, it comes with the added advantage of being a puzzle, which can be pondered upon, in free time.



Weekdays have their own accessories to represent the general mood. You start out fresh on Monday and then there comes Tuesday, and usually by Wednesday, the mood sort of starts turning grey. So, this grey suede belt will match your mood. And even if you are one of the few individuals, who manage their energy and moods efficiently throughout the week, it will make a profound statement and look fabulous with any attire.



It is difficult to go wrong with watches. Each watch has its own personality. It brings with it a unique set of traits; and even if you have a couple of them, a new one will still be a valuable addition. This one has a Japanese Quartz movement, a metal case enclosed dial, and a Nato Nylon band which is interchangeable. The 3 atm water resistance rating should mean that it will remain safe against light rain and occasional splashes and a 1 year warranty should cover the rest.

RND Slim-Fit Active Sports Armband Case


Workouts can be a bit tedious depending on your fitness levels and motivation. However, there is one thing which can make things easier for you. It is your trusty smartphone. You can listen to some motivational material while working out, or just the ole music. This one has been made with an adjustable arm band to cater to different arm widths. And it can be used with your iPhone 6/6S or Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6.

Faux Denim Drawstring Lounge Pant


The name says it all. Imagine a pant, which has all the comfort of pajamas, but the texture of Denim? Sounds too good to be true, right! Well it is true. This lounge pant is made up of soft knit cotton and comes with a drawstring waist, but looks like a tough old denim jean. This would make an ideal gift for a loved one, who loves his pajamas, but would love an awesome looking denim lounge pant even more.



Workouts are tough on their own, but if you do not have the appropriate apparel, then they can become outright unbearable. Imagine running on the treadmill and your socks get wet with sweat. That is just unacceptable and can even cause accidents. These are special socks, made to withstand the toughest workouts and keep your feet sweat free and cushioned. The merino wool provides the softest of materials, which is supported by spandex and nylon for shape.

The Charmer


They say that a gift is a very precious item which can be used to win conquests of the heart. Imagine using “conquest”, with heart – as if it is a territory to be captured!. But, it does get the point across. Men are difficult to deal with, because they love gifts of items which they need, which seems to be kind of pointless for a gift. Nevertheless, this box contains some very charming items: Peppermint Shower Bar, Hardy Coffee, Working Hands Salve, Some good toffee, a shave bar, a gift card, and a coupon.

Bay Rum Aftershave Shaving Kit


There are many scents and aftershaves out there, but if you want to go old school, then there is nothing which beats the good ole Bay Rum Aftershaves. They have been around for a very long time indeed. This gift pack contains a complete premium shaving kit. It contains 5 Double edge Astra Blades, an aftershave splash, an aftershave balm, a pre-shave face scrub, shave soap, and a pre-shave oil all containing bay rum. And it is all packed in a  black gift box.

All-Purpose Ache-Away Balm with Clove and Sage


Painkillers work quickly, but they aren’t the friendliest of medicines. Eventually, there is always a chance that something may go wrong and the next thing you know, you are combating kidney problems. Fortunately there are herbal cures out there, which do not have the side effects, but will take away those aches, all the same. This one contains extracts from olive oil, comfrey root, arnica flowers, castor oil, and a whole lot more natural items.



Do you go hiking, kayaking, or any other outdoor activity? If you do, then take our word for it and use these reservoirs for your hydration needs. We were just amazed by the qualities of this one. It is easy to fill, easy to drain, reusable, recyclable, and you can fill it with any drink you want. Did we say that it is self-sealing as well! Well, it is, in addition to being very very durable. Just see the Fox news video they have featured on their website and you will get a pretty good idea about it.

The value of a gift cannot be measured by its price alone. There are many other factors involved. After all, we are complex beings and hard stones look beautiful, but ultimately are of no value. It is we who give them value. So, we hope that we have eased the process of selecting a gift somewhat, and even if you did not select anything, we are content with having given you a couple of ideas.