Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

There driveway is full of snow, you can hear singing in the streets, and everyone is enjoying mugs of hot chocolate. The decorations are rapidly going up, if they haven’t been placed already. Jokes and laughter can be heard throughout the country. Meals of epic proportions are being planned and some gourmets have already reduced their diets to take a proactive approach against the glut that is going to follow soon. It is a festive season indeed.

Christmas is indeed just round the corner and if you are still looking to buy gifts, then this is your last chance. This is way past the time that we would consider as ideal for purchasing the gifts. But, there is a thrill in last minute shopping that just cannot found in anything else. So, we have combed the web and come up with our list of Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas.



These soft and comfortable socks will replace your cozy little slipper at home. They are structured to provide support and comfort to sore joints and help in relaxing your feet. What’s more, wool is naturally resistant to odor and its breathable design will prolong its use before it needs a wash.

Butterfly Switch Plate


It can be difficult to decorate a room according to a specific theme if the Switch plates do not match. No more. These Butterfly Switch plates are available in a range of color combinations and configurations. They will complement the other decoration pieces in your room nicely.

Visions of Light


This is no simple picture book, but a great work from an artist. The abstract pictures with their prose, coupled with the descriptions of his endeavors, are a must read for an aspiring students who want to pursue photography as a future.

Key Zodiac Sign Necklace GEMINI


If you know someone who is Gemini, then this key Zodiac chain is the best gift. It contains 11 light amber Swarovski crystals on the front. The back has the Gemini beautifully displayed. The whole construct is made from pewter and is lovely to behold.



This audio by life coach and small business advisor will take you towards your inner Truth and Beauty, helping you in becoming more self-aware and successful in life.

National Ski Patrol Microtech™ Loose Short Sleeve Shirt


Performance shirts are nothing new, but this one is made out of 100% polyester and has anti-microbial and anti-snag properties. It can be worn stand alone or layered with other items.

RED ON WHITE International Crisis Aid


Charity is important if you believe in fate. But, it does not have to come without fashion. With this band you will be fashionably supporting International Crisis Aid which carries out relief programs to people in suffering.

BORSAbag Basic Travel Bag Secured in Self-storing Pouch


Travel bags are a heaven send during travel. They can carry a lot of stuff in a compact form and tend be very lightweight. This one comes equipped with its own storage bag. Just turn it inside out and store it away. What’s more it is machine washable.



Holiday season is family time and what is more fun than telling jokes and solving riddles. It will guarantee many fun filled evenings. It is recommended for ages 7 and above. This is a subscription based product with 24 notes per month.

Gourmet Health Box


This makes for a special gift to a special person. It is ideal for health conscious people who still believe in butter, nuts, truffles, and power bars. Additionally, a gift certificate for meals can be added to the package.



Who says games and workouts do not mix well. This nifty little classic board/fitness game will allow up to 24 members to have fun and work out at the same time. You will be the pieces moving to the roll of dice.



There cannot be a more beautiful combination of cashmere and plaid out there. It will keep you in style, warm, and looking fabulous. The soft feel against the skin will win many hearts, if given as a gift.

Grey T-Shirt

grey tshirt

If you are a fan of DNA Motivation then this is the perfect way to support them. This is a 100% cotton t-shirt which will keep you motivated for the day. They are a company providing motivation in life to those who need it.



Gift wrapping is an art and should be done with an enthusiasm to match the colors. This set will equip you with a range of premium wrapping options. So, now you couple you premium gifts with extraordinary wrappings.

NVR8-7300 8 Channel 3MP Network Video Recorder & 4 x NHD-815 3MP Cameras


Are you worried about personal security and thinking of installing a surveillance system, then look no further. This professional system will stream HD video to your monitor and also provide sound. It comes equipped with 2TB of HDD.

Golf Bag Cigar Holder


It is a chore to play golf and still enjoy your our cigar. This attachment to your golf bag will help you enjoy your cigar while playing golf. It will attach easily, and stay in its place.



Cigars are a perceived sign of class. Whenever you mention the word cigar, it somehow evokes memories of a maple study and books. If you are a fan then these premium cigars are available for a discount and will give your day a smoky flavor.



Are you proud of your body and want to inspire others? This gym t-shirt features a really important message: This Body was Built, Not Born.



Totes are one the most useful things to happen in handbag fashion. Mix them with leather and you will get the perfect combination. Now you can carry all your things in outright class.

Design a Tea


Have you ever thought of trying to make your own flavor of tea? If you have, then this is your dream come true. This site provides you with different options to design your own tea. Have fun!

Action Audio player with Stealth Technology rash guard

blue shirt

Listening to music while doing action sports can be a tough job. However, this will keep you immersed due to its design. The audio player is waterproof and comes with extra pair of silicone tips.



This undershirt is made from 94% Micro Modal® Air and 6% Elastane. It will keep you aerated and comfortable throughout the day. The fabric is softer than silk, stretches, recovers its shape and is perfect for an undergarment.

Brondell Swash 300 with Remote


If toilet is the place you get your ideas and catch up on news, then this luxury swash is the best thing for you. It features warm seat, warm water, and dual nozzles which clean up. The whole thing can be operated from the included remote.

The Classic Bola Leather Eyeglass Necklace With Solid Metal Loop In Black & Gunmetal


If you love gunmetal and leather products, then you will love this necklace. Its simple design ensures that it can be worn with business suits as well as casual clothes. This is an innovative way to keep track of your glasses.

Nim-Véda Neem Shampoo 500ml


Made from the Nim tree this luxurious and creamy shampoo will have your hair soft and beautiful. It is ideal for cleaning the scalp. Don’t fret if it does not lather too much because it will only produce mild amounts of leather.

We hope that you have enjoyed our exhaustive list of items. Once, again we hope that it has been of some help to you. As always, remember the less fortunate amongst you at this happy occasion and a very happy holiday season from us. provides coupon codes for stores like Groupon promo code, Nike coupons, Backcountry coupon, Converse promo code, American Eagle coupon,Republic Wireless Coupons, Fitbit coupons, The North Face Coupons, Shein coupons etc.