Interview with Kristie Glenn

Being able to buy your clothes and accessories is a huge convenience but buying online always carries the risk of delivering poor quality products. Blue Labels Boutique was launched in 2013 to provide people access to bold and fearless items of clothing and accessories and so far it has been highly successful in its mission. Blue Labels Boutique takes great pride in providing the best online shopping experience possible.

We were lucky enough to get in touch with the management of Blue Labels Boutique and Kristie Glenn graciously answered all the questions we asked.

  1. How has been the experience of selling fashion accessories and clothes online so far?

It has been quite an experience, to say the least! Blue Labels Boutique has only been open for a short amount of time. The only thing I knew when I started is that I loved being able to express myself through style and I wanted to share that passion with others. So everything from website design, marketing, and all things involved with opening a new business was completely new to me. It has been fun and difficult learning new things, meeting new people across the world, and increasing my knowledge in being a fashion entrepreneur. Those experiences have made the bumps along the road worth it.

  1. You offer dozens of kinds of clothes in a range of sizes, what kinds of issues do you face in the handling of inventory from such a broad range?

Handling the inventory is no easy task. The great thing about my boutique is that styles are available limited quantities. So the inventory is constantly changing. I do a weekly inventory check. It’s pretty easy as long as I keep the numbers updated because the site is set up to send me a notification when an item is sold out or is close to selling out.

  1. How has been the response of your customers to the idea of buying their dresses and accessories online?

In the beginning, the customer response was slow due to low traffic and minimal advertisement but the customers’ response has steadily grown as the boutique has worked to create a brand. Social media and the traveling pop-up shops that we offer have helped to increase customers’ response greatly. It’s been really exciting!

  1. Which kind of dresses do you think are the most popular at the moment?

Right now, the most popular trend in dresses is the off the shoulder style. Everyone is rocking everything from mini dresses to maxi dresses, as long as they have the off the shoulder sleeve style!

  1. What are your plans for the future and where do you see the company in a few years?

In a few years, I see Blue Labels Boutique being known as the top shopping destination for fearless women who want a curated selection of unique women’s clothes and accessories. Not only that but to have expanded the message to live fashionably, fearless. Because fear holds you back but fashion will take you places!