Holiday Gift Ideas For Women 2016

Women are always buying gifts; sometimes for special occasions and sometimes to bring more warmth in relationships. The traditional task of women to take care of family is a great responsibility and women doing so can hardly spare some time for shopping activities – let alone leisure time. At the same time, women are also responsible for building the firm foundations of relationships in any family.  At such moments, many women find it extremely difficult to go outside for shopping, and they neither can rely on online stores because there is a plethora and nobody knows which online deals are better. For this purpose, we have compiled a women gift guide that will help women a lot in purchasing gifts without making any effort because we did all the hard work finding gifts and arranging them.

Bio-Stria Treatment


This treatment kit will bring significant reduction in the stretch marks. The seven-part system includes things like Cleanser, Mint Gel, Scrubs, Serum, Lotion and Booster oil etc. You will get excellent results in fourteen days; the treatment works on both dark and light skin. It is available for $199.98.

40 Inch Red Turquoise Necklace


It is a beautiful necklace made of red turquoise stones, and it contains a copper feather pendant. Its large length makes it perfect to be worn with other shorter necklaces. It has a length of 40 inches. It is available for $16.00.

Holly & Pom-pom felt Hair Clips


These are outstanding leaf and berry designed hair clips with bright pink and green colors. The berries are pink while the leaves are green. One pair is available for $7.00.

Outdoor Professional Mummy Sleeping Bag


It is an outstanding sleeping bag which is perfect for you if you are trekking enthusiast and love to go to open places like in Jungles or in valleys. The bag is lightweight and very easy to carry. It is also water resistant so you don’t have to worry about the rain. The bag has a double zipper as well as windproof lining. There are also some internal pockets which you can use to put your valuables. It is available in two colors – blue and orange. You can get it for $64.95.

New Breed Alpaca & Narwhal Tee


It is a beautiful Tee which features Alpaca moon and Narwhal, and a piece of advice that is highly recommended: “Don’t Grow Up, It’s a Trap”. The material used is 100% soft cotton and jersey. The Tee is available only for $22.99.

1000 Eau De Perfume Spray


The name of the scent includes “1000” because 1000 different submissions were made and rejected before the final decision was made. It took almost ten years to make this beautiful scent. The scent is for women and is available for $67.00.

Adjustable Laptop Table


It is a very lightweight adjustable laptop table which is made of Aluminum alloy and plastic. It can rotate 360 degrees, and you can fix a lock at various points. It is not only a laptop table but it can be used for other purposes as well like it can be used as a dinner tray or a book tray. It is available for $42.00.

Black and Beige Fox Fur Jacket


It is a 24” black and beige fox fur; the black fur is attached to the beige fur with sporty and remarkable patterns. The sleeves are bracelet length long, and there are also hidden pockets on the front side. The material used is Modacrylic and polyester.

Silk Modal Large Scarf


This silk scarf is made of 20% silk and 80% modal. The color of the scarf is natural white and gray. The scarf gives casual as well as luxurious look depending on your outfits. The design on the scarf is inspired by geometry.

Willow Necklace


It is a beautiful necklace with outstanding pendant. It features 8mm agate stone. The necklace is rose gold plated. It is available for $35.00.

Sugar Lips Seamless Long Camisole


This version of seamless long camisole is slightly longer and you can wear it in day or night. It is available in wide range of colors. You can get it for $15.50.

Studio Tie-Back


This studio tie-back is available in 10 different colors and designs. All the prints are inspired by gypsy soul collection. It is highly comfortable and useful as well. With this studio tie-back band, you can easily throw your hair back during the photo session. It is available only for $23.00.

"Jesus is the Anchor of my Soul" Women's Long Sleeve Tee


It is a beautiful long sleeve shirt that is a mixture of polyester and viscose, made specifically to spotlight the figure. The long sleeves flatter the arms. It is available in five different sizes. The shirt is available for $45.00.

Gabbay Gray Tahitian Pearl Pendant


It is an outstanding necklace which features silver-gray Tahitian pearl which is attached to the white gold cap. Small pieces of diamond are attached with it for extra beauty. You can also order matching earrings. It is available for $1,905.00.

Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30


Contains Anti oxidants, Vitamin A & E, Extracts of pomegranate and white tea SPF 30 Paraben free, oil free Helps prevent sunburn, decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin ageing caused by the sun while giving a medium coverage. It is available for $55.00.

Racerback Tank Tops


These are beautiful racer-back tank tops available in different colors. The tanks are available in five different sizes and five different colors – White, Black, Peacock Blue, Silver, and Gold. The tank has cut arm openings and slim racerback. It is a tri-blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon.

Hand-Painted Cobalt Pink Dots Pillow


It is a pillow 100% cotton fabric and is available in multiple designs like polka dotted or with the solid white back. All the pillows are hand-painted and are one of a kind. All the pillows are made with love and precision. The sides of the pillows are pom-pom trimmed.

Signature Large Tote Matte Teal


You must have noticed this bag in the women’s golf journal; it is a sophisticated and feminine bag of a signature collection. The bag keeps your things organized because it has a dual interior. The magnetic clasp makes it easy to carry. It is available for $175.00.

Darkling Beetle Plain Studs


These are the most beautiful bug-earrings ever made. These are made of sterling silver and have a length of half-inch. The earrings come in two finishing: matte and polish.

Fur Pom-Pom Women's Winter Beanie Hat


It is a beautiful hat with fur pom-pom available in seven different colors. The knit is soft and stretchy and will fit your head comfortably. The hat is made from acrylic.

Hattie Sweatpants Style Knit Pencil Skirt


It is a high-waist skirt with asymmetrical hemline. There are pockets in the skirt to hold cell phones. It is a tri-blend of polyester, viscose, and spandex. It has an invisible zip closure. It is available for $200.00.

Classic Luxe


It is a beautiful box that you can order to be filled with flowers of your own choice and you can give it to your loved ones as a gift. You can order multiple colored roses – white, pink, red, yellow, and purple etc. Greeting cards are included with the package. The box is available only for Washington DC area.

Face Oil


This oil is made specifically to protect your skin making it radiant and natural. Its main ingredient is Avocado oil which repairs your skin and reduces wrinkles and aging spots. Its main ingredients are vegetable glycerin, Apricot kernel oil, Grape seed oil, White jojoba oil and vitamin E. it is available for $30.00.

Turquoise Sleeper Scarf


Turquoise sleeper scarf is the combination of two important travel accessories – scarf and neck pillow. It is perfect if you are traveling in buses, trains or on airplanes. You can choose from easy inflate air valve or traditional inflate air valve; the prices of both are different. You can also remove the neck pillow if you want to wear the scarf alone.

Nelli’s Pals Dog Tag


These are beautiful candles with dog prints in black & white. The soy wax poured in the candles is 100% natural to keep the environment clean. The candle can also be a perfect decoration piece for dog lovers. It is available for $28.00.

Clear Acrylic Bangle Stacker


If you think your jewelry remains scattered on your dressing table all the time, this bangle stacker is perfect for you. Now, you can organize your bangles and place them in one place. It is available for $19.99.

10oz "We Are Happy To Serve You" Ceramic Cup


This beautiful cup previously available only in paper form is now available in a ceramic form for permanent use. It is a great gift for New Yorkers or anyone who spent some time in New York. The edges are folded and the base design allows you to drink hot liquids without any handle. The cup is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Solar Spectrum Necklace


Sun is a symbol of life; it represents warmth and eliminates darkness of life. This necklace with solar spectrum pendant will chase away all the dark shadows in your life. The spectrum is micro-printed on the translucent disc, and the exterior is of steel. When wore, the pendant looks dark in color but when you hold it up in light, it shows the rainbow patterns with dark black lines.

The Megan Pencil Dress in Black Ponte


You can use this pencil dress in many ways: you can wear it with heels; you can wear it on cocktail hour pairing it with a necklace; you can wear it with your favorite sandals and a handbag. The fitting flatters your body. It is made from high-quality Ponte fabric from Italy. It is also available in charcoal and blue color.

Annika - Candy Red


It is a beautiful dress with Tulle and textured lace fabric. It also has beads. The dress has a button back closure. The candy red color feels so pleasant to the eyes. It is available for $189.00 AUD.

Purpose Made Me Do It shirt


The shirt is available in different colors with the black print on front side. The shirt is available in sizes from small to five times extra-large. The shirt is available in a variety of colors – white, royal blue, red, purple, olive, pink and orange etc.

Mega Cellulite Blaster & Fascia Massage Stick – 18”


It is a massage stick that shapes your body by breaking up fat cells. It makes your body smoother and dimple free. It has outstanding connective tissues penetration which helps stretching and to loosen fascia. The 18” long stick brings you therapeutic calm and respite. It also has much more functions like it improves blood circulation, increases flexibility, reduces soreness and muscle stiffness. It is available for $24.95.

Bixpy Jet


If you are planning to buy a kayak, then don’t forget to buy this bixpy jet because it can move your kayak to the speed of 7 mph or 11kmph. The jet requires no drilling and making holes, you just need to simply install it in your paddle housing. The jet has three forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. The jet comes with a battery box and wireless remote. It is available for $750.00.

Picture Keeper Connect


Many people take pictures all the time to preserve the essence of moments, but sometimes you can easily lose these memories if these aren’t stored on a proper device. You can secure your old memories using this device so that you could create new ones. This picture keeper connects attaches directly to your mobile in the charging port. The memory of the Keeper is 16GB.

Berry Bowl Set


This bowl set is a combination of a bowl and a plate sold together. You can place your favorite fruits or vegetables in the bowl and enjoy both the beauty of this bowl and the taste of your favorite fruits. The set is handmade and is food-safe, oven-safe, and dishwasher-safe. The set is available for $48.00.

Organic Almond Body Butter


This organic almond body butter is made from the fresh almonds; the almonds are pressed and then hydrogenated. The almond moisturizing body butter is perfect for neck firming and is better than all the chemicals available in the market. It is antioxidant and also fights wrinkles. You can also apply this almond butter on your hair.

Toni Renee Tank (Black)

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This tank will make you look like younger than ever, and this flattering tank will also boost your confidence forever. It has a built-in sports bra and is made using moisture wicking technology. Your purchase will provide one-month schooling to a child in South Africa. It is available for $75.00, but you can use a discount code Rebatezone to get 25% off.

Flask All-Natural Aromatherapy Lip Balm


The essential ingredients of this lip balm are coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E, and lavender essential oils. All the ingredients are natural and no preservatives are added. The peppermint essential oil will refresh your lips as well as it will stimulate the mind. It is available for $6.99.

Lavender Mint Lip Balm


This lavender lip balm is made with essential oils and contains no dyes. The twisting mechanism makes it easy to use. This balm will make your lips soft and fresh. Its main ingredients are coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, honey and other natural oils. It is available for $5.00.

Protect Our Winters


Environmental change is the most pressing issue of the modern age, and the role you are required to play is to wear this bracelet. The bracelet is available in different sizes so that it should fit your wrist perfectly. The blue color in the bracelet will remind you of the skies while the white color of the snow. It is available for $11.95.

Wine Bottle Cutting Board


This wine bottle cutting board is beautiful as well as practical because it can be used for chopping or slicing tricks. The board is very gentle on the knives because of the end-grain construction. It is made from American maple and cherry hardwood. Each board is handmade and is one of a kind.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual – Red Grape Dial


The watch is extremely beautiful and has a red grape dial. The bracelet is of stainless steel. It has automatic movement and comes with box and papers. The dial is purple and case size is 39mm. It is available for $4,500.00.

Gold & Black Brilliance Benedictine Bracelet with Crystals


When you want your faith to be around you all the times, there is nothing better than this Benedictine bracelet with crystals. You can also give this enlightened bracelet to your beloved or your friend as a gift. The bracelet features Benedictine symbol which represents faith and protection. The bracelet has aesthetic look as well as it is the symbol of devoted religiosity. It is 3.5 inches long, but you can also adjust its size. If you are looking for gift wrapping, the options are also available.

Chain Simple Chunky "Bubble Gum" Necklace


This bubble necklace is simple but beautiful; you can select from a variety of colors and you can also order a customized one. If you want to order a special necklace that will match your outfit, you can also order that. The necklace is 24” long.

Spice Flight Subscription


You can now subscribe to taste and cook your way around the globe. You can subscribe to explore different spices each month. (Not the same blend). You’ll get 100% pure spice, no fillers/additives. No added salt or sugar. Works for vegans, paleo, & gluten free diets. If you subscribe for one year, you will get 2 months free subscription. You can get one month’s subscription in $9.80.

Travel Wallet Cream


If you are a travel enthusiast, this wallet is perfect for you. It will fit most of your items. The interesting thing is that it has a separate place for everything that you will need for traveling. It is available for £28.00.

Women's Thankful Sweatshirt


We are always thankful for one thing or the other, and by this shirt, you can show to everyone that how “Thankful” looks on you. It is a wide neck sweatshirt with amazing bright red color. The shirt is perfect for the everyday wear.