Gift For Your Mother – Gift Guide

We have often thought about why we celebrate Mother’s Day. The simple fact is that there have been celebratory holidays honoring mothers in various cultures, both past and present. For the US, it all became official in 1914, when Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation declaring Mother’s Day as a national holiday. But, the efforts can be traced back to 1905 when a peace activist by the name of Anna Jarvis wanted to commemorate her mother, who was also a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers on both side of the Civil War. Eventually, Anna started a campaign for a day which would commemorate all mothers in the US. It took her almost 10 years to get her voice heard.

But, everything did not turn out to be as she wanted. The holiday was popular and in came the horses of capitalism. Companies started printing cards especially for the occasion. The holiday was overtaken by commercialization, which was far from the sentimental value Anna had wanted it to hold. She tried to persuade people, but she was jailed for her protests. Was she right? Who can say what is right! Unfortunately, all the characters in this story are dead ones. Nevertheless, out of it came a holiday which is now celebrated across the world honoring the sacrifices that mothers have to go through to raise a family.

However, we understand that not all people are eloquent when it comes to expressing emotions, so a nice simple gift can express a lot where flowery words are meaningless. We have collected some of the best priced gifts from around the internet and compiled them in the form of a list, just for you.

A Vito and Joe's Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil 1 liter


Olives have been in use since the beginning of civilized society. There use can be traced back a long time to some of the oldest civilizations on earth. What is it that makes them so important? Traditionally used for medicinal and culinary purposes, they have been proven to have a high amount of essential oils and antioxidants. This makes them ideal for use in beauty products and food alike. This bottle of virgin oil will keep you healthy, even if you use it for making the oiliest of items. It is the right step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband (Plum/Large)


There were times when you had to do all the calculations and tracking manually, but those are long gone. It is the era of connected devices and wireless wristbands. This Large Plum colored Fitbit Charge wristband will record your pulse heart rate, track your steps, distance, calories burned, stairs climbed, and even record the total amount of active minutes spent. It is a very good device to get back in shape. All the statistics will keep you motivated and this means you will be aiming higher and higher.

Vintage Mermaid Image Cuff Design #1


There is something very endearing about vintage art. But, when that art is put on a cuff bracelet, then it becomes even better. But, what if it has a vintage image of a mermaid on top and the whole thing is carefully hand made for you! There is nothing quite like it. The result is a unique piece, which is downright gorgeous and the chances of another person having the same thing are close to none. This particular bracelet is approximately 3 inches long and 2 ½ inches wide.



A bracelet signifies many things, but featured among the top one is that it is a symbol of friendship. Lauren from Amiche is a no different. In fact, Amiche is Italian for female friends. They are a company which believes in Amiche as a form of life. Their philosophy is centered on a few simple things. Wearing an Amiche product means that you will smile when you see another woman. Be generous with encouraging words and work towards building authentic relationships. This specific piece has been made from freshwater pearls, crystal, and crystal quartz. It is a beautiful piece indeed.



We generally stay away from generic Mother’s Day gifts, but this one is quite good actually. Yes, it has all their products, but they are a good combination of products. Bloom collection is based on capturing the fragrance of fresh spring, with emphasis being on fresh rather than any sharp notes. It contains Bloom Home Spray, Soy Candle, 3 handmade recycled metal bloom magnets, fresh creamy mints, and a note card to deliver your personal message. The packaging is excellent and the gift can be directly delivered to the person. The Soy Candle uses their Bloom scent and comes in an aluminum tin with a lid to keep the fragrance in when not in use.

Petrossian 1920s Chocolates


No gift guide is complete without chocolates. They have somehow wriggled their way into almost every single one of our holidays. For Easter we have large chocolate eggs, for the big event: Christmas, chocolate chip cookies and milk, for Valentine a box of chocolates. Thankfully, chocolates are quite a healthy snack when consumed in moderate quantities. This is from the earlier years of Petrossian. It contains 12 pieces of different flavored chocolates. But, be mindful some of them contain alcohol, so select accordingly.

Specialty Shape : 8" J Shape


Have you ever wanted to bake cakes into different shapes for the different special occasions? One solution would be to buy the different shaped trays, but that could turn out to be expensive and time consuming as you will have to search for the correct shape. However, there is an alternate solution. This is a special J shape which can be used with their other shape products to make a custom shape for you cake. It is an ingenious system. Just arrange the shapes in the pattern that you want and then clip them together.

What does a family look like?


This one is for new mothers. It is a book which will teach the next generation that diversity is normal. It is a short picture story which has been carefully written to teach children to be accepting of the differences that they will encounter in their life. Furthermore, it teaches them the importance of kindness. We see so many things wrong with society and we want to make a change. The best kind of change can be brought about by teaching the next generation to become thinking individuals who know the value of simple traits like kindness and who celebrate the differences instead of being bogged down by racial boundaries.



Mother’s Day is more about expressing your gratitude for the greatest relationship in your life. It does hold a very sentimental value for most people. Well, here is a pendant necklace which would make an absolutely perfect gift for dear old mum. Made from sterling silver, it features a family tree with family names engraved on the branches. It comes with a beautiful 16” silver rope chain. You can write the names separated by a comma to be engraved on the necklace at the time of purchase. Any additional instructions can also be communicated to the design team and they will try to accommodate your request.



There is something about chocolate which makes it ideal for gift giving purposes. Whether it is the holiday season, valentine, or even Mother’s Day you will find chocolate based gifts to be at the top. One reason could be its association with increase in serotonin levels, which is the neurotransmitter supposed to keep you happy. Bottom line is that chocolates make for one good gift and if they are shaped in form of MOM, then it is even better. The dark chocolate will not only lighten the mood, but also provide a whole range of antioxidants. And it can be delivered with a personalized message of up to 200 characters.

Girls Tool Necklace


The world is biased against portraying women as good engineers, but the thing is that there are many people who were actually inspired by their mothers and went on to become excellent engineers. So, we say that if you are one such person then this is the perfect time to show some appreciation in a unique way. This wrench and nut tools necklace is the perfect way to say thank you. Made out of 14 K gold, it has a diamond embedded into the nut. The chain length is 17” by default, but it can be adjusted to size.

Gentle Variety Pack Low Acid Coffee

mommy cofffee

Coffee is the material which fuels our daily busy life. But, unfortunately while it is okay for most people, it is better to lower the consumption when expecting. The recent studies in this case point towards increased risk of miscarriage on high consumptions of caffeine. But, giving up coffee can be difficult. That is why this Gentle Variety Pack with low acid coffee is one of the best solutions out there, if you cannot stay without coffee, but do not want to put the pregnancy at risk. It has both quarter Caf and Decaf bags of coffee to slowly take away the caffeine from your routine. Needless to say, it would make a perfect gift to expecting mothers.

Raspberry Lemonade Lip Balm


Despite the countless store which opened at the end of last decade due to the social shift towards Veganism, genuine vegan products are actually still hard to find. In the end many people resort to taking the recipes off the internet and making their own products. These products may not be as glamorous as those being mass produced, but are at least cruelty free. This Raspberry Lemonade Lip Balm is perfect for summer and has been carefully made from vegan materials. The major ones include Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Candelila Wax, and the fragrances. You will find it to be an excellent Lip Balm.



Most people do not realize it, but a good night’s sleep is very much dependent on your pillow. Have you ever passed a restless night away from home, then believe it or not, but the culprit might have been your pillow. If you are a side sleeper then you will know the struggle of trying to adjust a normal pillow to be comfortable. It consumes at least 1-2 minutes of your time before you go to sleep. The main reason is that most pillows are not made to sleep sideways. This side pillow has a unique front design to accommodate your arm. You will know the difference when you use it. And it is so comfortable that you will not want to sleep without it ever again.

The Cibo Placemat


Children can make a lot of mess when they are eating on their own. But, it is all a part of learning and it isn’t really their fault. However, when going through that phase with the kids, almost every mother has thought: there just has to be a better way of doing this. And there is now. This Cibo Placemat can be used instead of a regular table mat. The solution that it provides is very simple indeed. This mat has a pocket which will collect all the food dropping from the spoon on the way to be mouth. At the end of the dinner it can be easily washed and is completely child friendly to boot. All parents can do with a little less mess in their lives.

Super Mom Cat Art Card


Do you love pets? Does your mom love pets too? Then there can be nothing better than this super mom cat card for Mother’s Day. This exquisitely drawn card will mean much to your mom, who likely has to / had to put up with a lot from you. It will be just the expression of gratitude that she would like to have. Parenting is a tough job by all means, but it is gifts like these that make up for it. Granted it’s a bit quirky and may mean nothing to most people in the world. But, if it has a special significance for you and your super mom, then we say why not?

Blessed Tee


Do you believe in a purpose to everything around us, a purpose to life itself? Do you believe in blessings, rather than in luck? Well if you do and think that this would make for an excellent gift to your mom, who taught you this, then this tee is just perfect for her. Made out of a mix of cotton, polyester, and rayon, it is very comfortable and has a really cool inscription on it, which reads: Blessed not lucky. What’s more it has an excellent loose fitting. We feel it would be perfect for events and family get-togethers, along with the Mother’s Day of course.



If there is one pure thing in this world, then it is the love between a mother and her child. There can be nothing more pure than this. And if you have always admired how your mother handled/handles the things in her life, always taking time out for you, then this ring has been made just for you. Each ring is hand cast in sterling silver and has a lily on top. The lily signifies purity and elegance in all things. And we feel that it is what describes the love one has for their mother. So, this Mother’s Day do something special for you mother and give her a gift that she will cherish for life.

Bubble Bath - 2 Pack


There is no break time for parents. They have to be on duty 24 hours a day. This is one of the drawbacks, but this is even more so for mothers. However, every once in a while taking time out of the busy schedules and relaxing is good for everyone all round. And what is more relaxing than a soothing ole bubble bath. The lavender will soothe out the tensions and provide for an excellent session of home based aromatherapy. This would work as an excellent gift. But, remember to arrange some free time as well.



The importance of fitness cannot be stressed upon enough. It is especially important to stay in step with the world and more importantly the children. If you feel tired all the day, then that will not do. As we have said, good parenting is in no way easy. You have to make a lot of effort. But, things do become easier if you take some time out for yourself. A couple of sessions of yoga per week or a light jog in the early morning will go a long way to increasing your energy levels. These running tights are just perfect for the job. They are comfortable and can be used for a range of different activities.

Caffeine Eye Serum


If a child is restless, then it is goodbye to a good night’s sleep. Mothers have to endure a great number of sleepless nights. And one of the first things which is affected by the lack of proper sleep is the appearance. Eye circles and eventually wrinkles can result. There are many great ways to prevent it, but it always helps if you have a cheat sheet with you. And we recommend this Caffeine Eye Serum. It has chia seeds and coffee bean extracts and oils which are a gold mine of vitamins and anti-oxidants. They will help the most sensitive parts of your face to recover from any ill effects of “parenting”.

Swan Lake Key Chain


There is no gift better than a personalized gift. And one can never have enough number of key chains, especially if you are the one managing all the affairs. Growing up, what is the first thing you do, when you cannot find a thing? Yup, go straight to mom and ask for help from one of the greatest administrators you have ever known. All of us have at least one memory of such as event. This key chain can be personalized with a short message and is beautifully laser etched with an original Swan Lake design. Both are qualities which make it an excellent Mother’s Day gift.

The Sunrise 2 Person Infrared sauna (2 backrests & Ionizer)


Saunas are great for health benefits. They are definitely a permanent part of the Scandinavian countries and generally taken as a luxury in other parts of the world as well. What’s more they have great health benefits for new mothers. In Thailand, new mothers are encouraged to use the saunas to get back in shape. This one is a great hassle free version which uses infrared heat to soothe the aches out of your body. While there are researches proving it to be very useful in treatment of a lot of diseases, it isn’t the best thing for male fertility. So, if you have always wanted to relax in the sauna, this one is actually selling at quite a discount. Just make sure, that it will fit where you want it to fit.



It is indeed amazing that sometimes the smallest of additions can bring about an uplifting change in an old thing. And what if this small thing could be personalized with a graphic of your choice and your name or any other short message in the middle! We would call it just perfect. This is exactly what this classic button bag tag is all about. It will bring out a fresh outlook and versatility in an old friend. If your mom is fond of that old bag, then we are sure a couple of these would bring out the best in it. Make sure to customize them all before you place the order.

Coconut & Mango


Nope, this is not a smoothie. It is indeed but a delightful candle. It is a candle made from the purest waxes and infused with tropical scents. You will start off with a trip to the tropics in the form of an excellent coconut scent. Later on this is complemented by the fresh scent of mangoes, one of the greatest fruits the tropics have to offer. It will transport you for a short amount of time to a beach with a gentle breeze, which ruffles your hair. The glass votive is reusable and the candle has an ideal burning time of 60 hours.



We all love the occasional heavy belt, but for general purpose despite their artistically designed buckle they can be cumbersome. After all, the purpose of a belt is to hold things together and not the weigh them down. But, innovation is catching up with this accessory. This is not your regular belt. It is simple and elegant. The buckles and the belts are completely interchangeable, which means that if you have two sets there are four total combinations possible. Just go through their instructions on how to use it at least once. After wearing it, you will be thinking why did no one think of it before.

Winchester® 40 Caliber Nickel Gift Set (Stud Earrings & Sterling Silver Necklace)


This one is not for the faint of heart or a person who wants nothing to do with guns and bullets. Having said that, it is an ingenious piece of jewelry which has piqued our interest. The design is very original and it will make for a perfect set. Primarily geared towards sportswomen, it will nevertheless be equally good for people who like a bit of adventure in their life. The outer is made from a Winchester 40 Caliber bullet with the inner part being a Swarovski Crystal of your choice. The appropriate chain length can be selected according to the requirement when placing the order.

Black Mother of Pearl and Ebony Necklace


What makes a piece of jewelry truly unique? Is it the design? Is it the materials? We say it is a mix of both. But, when both of them are joined together and made from sustainable materials, then that is true art. This necklace is unique in both its materials and its design. The chain and plate are both 18K Gold, but it is paired with dark ebony wood and topped off with faceted quartz in the middle. We have never seen this combination in our long experience of dealing with jewelry and we go through a lot pieces. This is definitely one of a kind piece, and will serve as an excellent gift.

Hope you found the list to be good. Even if you did not choose anything, it gave you an idea about what to look for. That is our purpose in the end. And remember that this holiday is more about sentiment than a price tag which may or may not reflect gratitude. We profoundly believe in the power of a simple hug and a genuine smile. And so should you.