Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2016

Father’s day is a rather muted holiday when compared to its highly successful counterpart Mother’s Day. Somehow down the lane, fathers became the second parent. This perception has been promoted even further by the media. Even the Father’s Day Celebration was made official in 1966, as compared to the official proclamation for Mother’s Day in 1914. It took the American lawmakers 52 years to realize that fathers also play an important enough role in the lives of their children, such that there should be a national holiday celebrating them. It is a bit ironic. To be honest, at least part of the reluctance shown by the American Parliament was due to the commercialization of Mother’s Day.

The American culture has changed a lot since the efforts began to make it into a holiday. A decidedly patriarchal society has become less so. Single parent families are much more common now than in the last century. But, let us not go there. There is no simple way to describe what it means to have both your parents. Fatherhood is often a relationship based on respect. We look up to him, want to act like him, and be strong like him. Those fishing trips, or playing with the ball, or the first riding/swimming lessons, they are just priceless.

But, Father’s day is approaching and if you are having some difficulty in selecting the right gift, then have no fear for our list is here to relieve you off the burden somewhat.

Remi | Moisturizing & Restorative Hair Treatment


It is only natural that as we age one of the first things that get affected is our hair. It all starts with thinning out. While, many of the factors related to hair health may be age related and even genetic, much can be achieved if you take proper care of them. If you feel that your hair is losing their luster and freshness due to environment related factors or even otherwise, then this may just be the natural treatment for you. It contains various enriched oils and vitamins that will slowly nurture you hair back to health. Coconut, Argan, Almond, and Castor oil are the main ingredients and it is all natural.



This is a once in a lifetime gift. Beautiful, exquisite, and fully customizable are the right words to describe it. You will start by selecting the right size. Then move onto the three stones. You can have your pick from 5 different stones: Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Champagne Diamond, and Black Diamond. And if you do not like the metal, you have a choice there as well. You can choose from 14 K Rose, White, Yellow Gold, Titanium, or Black Zirconium. And if you want more stones than three, they will be happy to oblige you.

Stay at Home Scarface


Very few franchises have had as much influence on popular culture as Scarface. The tough gangster who went all guns blazing in the 70s is an inspiring figure indeed. What if we told you that there is a coloring and activity book which features Scarface as a stay at home dad. Ingenious right! Hilariously done and a totally humbling experience, this will help stay at home dads who have aspirations to take over the world along with becoming the #1 dads in their circle. It will teach you many things indeed and being boring isn’t one of them.

A - The Weekender Duffle - Brown


What do we have to show for our years in existence? Some people like to collect refined things. If your dad is one of them, then this brown leather weekend duffle bag is an absolute necessary item that he will love. And if he loves leather products, then you have to tell him that this was handmade using Horween leather. But, to tell him you will have to know yourself. Horween Leather is the oldest continuously running tannery in the US. You can choose the interior lining. And it is needless to say that it is a product that has been made to last and the leather will only grow more beautiful with age.

Ice Cream Ball, Soft Shell - Quart Size

0959-0000_1_Soft Shell Ice Cream Maker Ball

Ever had the dream of making ice cream quickly all the while playing a nice game? If you have had that dream, then you are not alone in it. This Soft Shell Ice Cream Ball does just that. You will enter the ingredients at one end and add ice and rock salt at the other end. All that is left is to shake it continuously for about 20 minutes. That seems to be a very boring and repetitive task. That is why we suggest that you play around with it in the backyard. That way you will have some fun and by the time you start to get bored, the ice cream will be ready to eat. It may not be the most efficient form of ice cream making, but it is one of the most fun ways we have come across.

Father’s Day Bundle


This is a very specific gift, for very specific people. Whether your Dad is a law enforcement officer or a gun collector who likes to carry firearms, this holster bundle pack is something really special. It contains a leather holster which can allow a small handgun to be carried inconspicuously. Other items include a heavy duty gun belt and a conditioner to take care of the leather items. It can be worn with regular clothes and is super safe. It has a small mechanism, which will have to be learned. But, the overall idea and its implementation is brilliant.

Dad and His Girls Personalized Key Chain - Engraved


Ideally speaking we would highly recommend crafting a gift for your Dad from scratch. But, we do not live in an ideal world. The next best thing is a customized gift. This keychain has everything that will make it endearing and personalized. Inscribed with the timeless phrase the love between a Dad and his Girls is forever, it is made from a 1.25” round aluminum disc. But, this is not all. If you want to go a step ahead, then the back of the disc can be inscribed with a personalized short message as well. Just make sure to use it to express yourself.

Horse Lady Silk Throw Pillow


Despite their seemingly ordinary nature, throw pillows serve many important functions in the house. We aren’t talking about pillow fights, though they can be used for this serious business as well. But, they are ideal for finding that sweet spot on your favorite chair. Apart from this, they serve a decorative purpose, bringing into harmony the different aspects of your interior design. This one is delightfully artful. The horse lady on the front adds an aura of mystery and a hint of forlornness to the mix against a backdrop of muted colors.



We love the beach and even the poolside vacations. But, in all public places there is always the fear of losing your valuables to some opportunist while you go for a dip. This portable safe has been made keeping just that in mind. Made from high impact ABS plastic it is practically impossible to break without some heavy duty stuff. It is water resistant and can be taken for a dip. Or you can lock it down using the 6mm heavy duty steel cable. Just make sure you attach it to something solid, because while the cable will not snap, the whole thing is only as safe as the thing it is secured to.



This is surprisingly touching. This hand stamped teaspoon will remind your dad of you every time he sits down for tea. The darkening has been achieved by safe food grade materials. The spoon itself is made from unbendable stainless steel. The dark material will fade over time, but the engraving will remain forever. If you have fond memories of having tea with your Dad, this is a great gift indeed.

Azul y Blanco Collection: Talavera Coffee Cup


Despite the onslaught of machine made items in our times, discerning people still understand the importance of a handcrafted original piece of work. But, just because it is an original piece of art does not mean that you will have to set it aside, it has been made to be used and is surprisingly durable. The artistic patterns will help you ponder upon the mysteries of art as you sip your favorite beverage: coffee. It brings together 400 years of design tradition and is signed by the artist. Since, every piece is handcrafted there can be minor differences between them.



As we age we tend to relax on our exercising schedules, age catches up and the motivation to keep up the routines go down. It is a sad reality. But, it need not be so. A nicely given gift can do wonders for your will to get back on track. These shorts are excellent for that. They will wick away the moisture and are extra comfortable. It has a range of pockets to accommodate the essential items as well. We would highly suggest that you join your Dad on the track to give him a perfect start, for old times’ sake.

follow me on instagram pouch


When we came across this we were baffled and stricken with a simple question: why? Then we went through the rest of the website and quite a few chuckles came out of the experience. A hilarious inscription on a downright durable pouch which is made from thick natural colored canvas, it is just the thing to lighten your day as you go about your business.



Charlie Big Fish will soon become your best friend especially if you are recovering from a strain or surgery. Not only does it have a delightful fish design which will lighten your day, it can also be microwaved to provide optimum heat. You may have to experiment a bit with the heat setting. And if you like it to be heated to a high, we would highly recommend mixing the corn periodically to prevent any hotspots. Or if you plan to undergo the RICE treatment then it is equally good for providing some cooling when kept in the freezer.

ZenPlugs Custom Molded Ear Plugs


Every day the world grows a bit more noisy. Whether you want to shut out the world on the public transport, on the road, while swimming, or are tired of your partner’s snoring, these plugs are just downright great. Normal ear plugs just don’t work very well and having a special pair crafted by an audiologist is just too expensive. This is a cost effective alternative. Just put them in hot water for a couple of minutes and it will soften. Dry them and place them in your ears. They will harden to form the best pair of ear plugs you have ever had. The whole process is just ingenious.

Cat T-Shirt Cat Dad


Somehow the popular media wants us to feel that cats are unattached jerks which don’t care about anyone else. That is disturbing to say the least. They are actually beautiful, affectionate creatures which are downright awesome. This t-shirt will resonate with any cat person. What’s more it is made from high quality materials which have been sourced ethically. It is very comfortable to wear, primarily due to its poly-cotton mix and has a ribbed neckband. For the exact sizing details, we would refer you to their instructions.

Torus Water Bowl - 2L capacity


This is clearly targeted towards pet lovers. Just like us, water is an essential item for our pets as well. However, the problem with regular water bowls is that they generally create a mess and have to be filled over and over again. This mechanical bowl will eliminate the refilling part and reduce the messes to a minimum. The bowl has been designed to keep a minimum level of water, which is automatically replenished from the reservoir. The reservoir has a carbon filter to boot. And when you want to take it with you, just turn off the refilling valve, empty the bowl and you are good to go. This particular model has a 2 liter capacity.



How many times did you want to clean something, but gave up the idea because you will have to figure out which chemical to use on it? It can be a chore to keep track of all the cleaners out there. That is why Hero Clean came up with a better idea, a spray that would clean pretty much every surface. They spend a couple of years to perfect the formula, but it is now a working product and very much useful.  It can be used on dashboards, motorcycles, hard wood, and steel just to name a few.

Daytrader Board Game


Imagine a game where the goal was to save enough money to retire. Imagine it being fun and equally educational about the stock market. Stock market is a very good place to invest your savings, but the thing is, it can be quite risky if you are unaware of its nuances. This game is fun for the family and helps you learn the basic concepts related to finance and the stock market. No prior knowledge is required. Just set it up and follow the rules. You will end up having more fun than ever. It is based on luck but gives you total control over the choices you make.



Some people can live without eating meat for others it would mean the death of the world. If you are a beef enthusiast who just loves dried meat products, then you will love this Biltong. This is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s more commonly known as beef jerky here in the US. But, few people in the US know that it originated in South Africa. This has been traditionally prepared without all the preservatives and sodium nitrates. Just try it once and you will know the difference yourself.



This is a tailor made gift for Father’s Day. A watch has a unique place in its owner’s heart and if your Pa is one of those fellows who has gathered a few of them, then there is nothing better in the market. This personalized box can hold 10 of these contraptions. Made out of top quality leather it has a top stitched to boot. The glass hinged lid finishes the outer with grace. Inside are the usual velvet watch cushions in capacious sections. The initial is displayed right on the center of the lid. You can even include a small message.



What keeps us on the track of success? No one can really say. Do your lucky socks really have any effect on your game? We doubt it, but it is the confidence from the familiar thing which helps in the performance. If you have been feeling down, then this belt is the perfect thing to cheer you up. The green background with golf equipment all attached to a dark brown leather makes the perfect combination of leather and light heartedness. Just do not drowse it in water and you will find it to be very faithful.

London Chic Black & White 20pc Set with Caddy


If you are fascinated with all things London, then this is an absolute must. Or it is equally good for a person who is away from home and misses it. This London Chic Black & White 20 pc set with caddy will remind you of London. It uses mirror polished stainless steel which can be easily cleaned and will last a lifetime. The handle is made from ABS Plastic and the colors will remain true even after hundreds of washes.

Vermont Repp Stripe

belt 2

Can you imagine a world where belts were never invented? We can. And trust us it is not pretty. A rather comical scene comes to mind where people would forever be adjusting their trousers to the annoyance of everyone. This belt is excellently made. It is a limited edition from the Logan Richard and uses a green and gold woven silk. Everything has been made in USA to boot. If you love it and must absolutely own it, then we suggest that you order above your waist size, just to be careful.



The energy costs seem to go up every season. If you are tired of paying elevated bills during the summer due to air conditioning, then this may just be a viable solution. Our home air conditioners may provide adequate cooling, but they are in no way efficient. In the industry misting is used to make the overall process efficient. This tech is missing from the home versions. Mistbox has been developed to fill this very gap. It takes just a couple of minutes to install and can lead to great electricity savings. The setup is solar powered and can uses smart technology to connect to your phone wirelessly.

Meditation for Moms and Dads


Meditation is a part of almost every religion in existence in one form or another. However, care givers and parents often complain that it requires time, which is often in short supply in their busy schedules. This book includes 108 tips which will show you how perfect your meditation despite your time constraints. It is a must read if you find yourself lost and are looking for a new perspective to fuel your daily routines. The message is put across in a very friendly, light and often humorous style. It will be a nice read to say the least.



These are not the cheapest option in our list, but then branded items are never cheap. This pair of glasses has been designed by the famous designer Darylynn Ayala-Macaluso. This is available in three distinct designs: the plain black one, blue pearl, and brown tortoise. It is up to you to decide. We just loved the blue pearl one. It reminds you of glacial palaces in Alaska and somehow also reminds you of Frozen.

Denim Giraffe travel passport cover wallet


Denim is one of the most useful materials to have been made by man. It is exquisite and durable to boot. We know that documents are usually kept in leather wallets and cases, but this cotton denim canvas will just change your opinion about the established pseudo principles. It is simple, elegant, and has a giraffe embroidered on the front. It will keep your passport safe and even has sections to hold your cards. The whole thing is secured by a traditional clasp and is available in two colors.

We hope that we have been able to help you out in this essential task of selecting a gift. Before we go we would like to say something: It is actually quite sad when people limit two of the best relations in the world to just two days. Try to be a part of their lives, if not every day, then as often as possible.