Cyber Monday Guide & Holiday Gift Ideas

This is one day which was actually created, rather than having a natural organic history. It was created by the to boost their online sales. Coined back in 2005, it has since been a major day of sales for online retailers. Although, it comes nowhere near Black Friday in terms of items sold, it is the go to day for small retailers who only offer their products online. Another interesting fact is that although the term includes cyber, which is a word typically associated with technology, the fashion industry benefits more from it than the tech one. When compared to Black Friday sales over successive years, fashion retail has had more deals on Cyber Monday. The total sales recorded on Cyber Monday 2014 amounted to $2.68 billion, with 52% of Americans shopping online.

Surely, these are just trends and retailers, online and otherwise, continue to host deals throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas. This is a popular opinion which happens to be true. However, there is always the chance of late shipping or a product becoming out of stock, especially, when small companies are involved. We suggest that if you have not availed the discounts offered on Black Friday, then jump on the Bus of Cyber Monday. This is the ideal time to shop online, when retailers will be offering maximum discounts. And if you happen to receive something which is not to your liking, then you will still have enough time to ask for a replacement.

But, comparing prices and going back and forth can be time-consuming and confusing. So, we do the research for you, to bring you some of the best Cyber Monday Holiday gifts that you will find on the internet.

RI CI Splash Shampoo


If you have curly hair then you will agree that normal shampoos are just do not work that well. In most cases they just dry out after the shampoo and become very difficult to manage. So, here is your chance to try a product which was made keeping this very thing in mind. It will keep you hair soft and nourished and the effect can be even more enhanced if followed up with a drench conditioner. Your friend will thank you for a gift that will save not only time but keep their curls looking soft and splendid.



This is perfect for teenage girls who like to personalize their bags and get bored with them after a while. We were rather amazed with the simplicity of the solution: Detachable panels. When you get bored just swap the panels and you are ready to have a brand new look. It comes with two sets of detachable panels. It is spacious enough to carry personal items and notes. It has a zipper enclosure, two interior pouch pockets and is fully lined. It is made of 100% cotton denim with silver thread and will last a long time.

Scrubz™ & Oilz™ Menorah


No, this is not a Menorah, the candle one; no this is a Menorah of Scrubs and oils. If you are fed up of the common scrubs found in the market because you do not like the scent or the salt ones just burn a lot. Then this is the perfect product to give you a treat, or a gift to someone special. These are sugar based scrubs that will do the job and not sting as well. The oils will provide a healthy softening touch to the skin. The range of different scents will enable the person to use them for different occasions.

Logo Tank

t shirt

“Between Dreams” is the perfect expression to describe yourself if you are a dreamer who is searching for a new one. It hints at an underlying depth. But, if it comes on a Tank, then it spells style, without the consonants every being involved. It is made for comfort with 91 % polyester and 9% combed and spun cotton. It can be worn with a jacket and layered up with an open jacket.

BLESSED Motivational Compression Arm Sleeve - WHITE


If you are a person who needs constant motivation, and let us be honest, who does not; then this is a good product which will not only keep the warmth intact during workouts but through its message motivate you as well. The motivational message is written on both sides on the Arm Sleeve. Otherwise, it is a premium product made of 80% polyester and 20% elastance, which is designed to provide full range of arm movement. It can be worn during workout to reduce muscle fatigue and can be worn post workout to increase blood circulation.

White Wolf


Wolves are truly majestic creatures and the white wolves, even more so. If you are a person who finds wolves inspirational, then this is a piece of art which will take away your breath. Taken by a person who is similarly enamored by wolves, it can be printed on a canvas, frame, acrylic print, metal, and even on a tote bag. It would also make a perfect gift to someone, who has been watching GOT and suddenly finds attracted towards wolves.

The MoGuard - Black


This is one of the better inventions to be made in favor of the mustachioed community. It can be clamped onto any glass and protects the preciously maintained moustache from harmful juices and liquids. It will also prevent the dripping problems, since the liquid will not come into contact with your moustache. Other people can use if for drinking while walking, which will reduce sloshing and prevent the ice from hindering your drinking experience, by keeping it at bay and hence, enable you to drain your glass to the last drop.

White Pearl Earrings Sterling Silver Swarovski Crystal Pearl


Are you a fan of jewelry from Hawaii? If you are, or you just love the overall culture, then Aloha to you. These crystal pearl earrings will take your breath away. They can be worn with a range of casual and holiday dresses. The bead caps display an intricate classic flower pattern and the Swarovski Crystal is 8mm and gives it a sparkle. The hook ear wires and ball end head pins are silver plated. The whole earring is free from nickel. What’s more they can be shipped directly in a gift pack, if you are in the market for gifts.


law suit

Apart from the loose notion that lawyers rob people of their money, the society has little idea of what they do. If you want your kids to be busy with a game that has educational merit, then this game: Lawsuit has won 7 Game of the Year awards in a row. It will teach your kids about what exactly is it that lawyers do, and if you take the time, you can benefit from it too. It will make them aware of their rights and help them face society confidently, being better aware of the laws that govern our lives in the US.



It is human nature to do everything to protect oneself, and then try and forget that such an event can ever take place. However, paramedics are one of the few people to reach an emergency situation first. This tool is designed by a paramedic to deal with car emergency situations, especially in case of an accident. It is vital to be out of the car as soon as possible, because if you have been in an accident there is a possibility that the car may burst into flames. This little tool will help you to cut the seatbelt and break window glass and get to safety that much faster. In these situations, every second counts and preparing may save your life.

6.0-6.5mm Black Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings


Times were, when the only pearls available were those which were produced naturally in the seas. All this changed when Kokichi Mikimoto brought his technique to culture these organisms and produce them under a set of conditions. The result were these beautiful, and in many ways superior pearls. These Black Akoya pearls will remind you of the deepest night and the sea. They are set in frames of 14 karat gold which is available in white and gold colors. A beautiful gift to be given to a beautiful person.

Oatmeal & Honey

oat meal

This vegan 100 % hand crafted soap is the best companion for babies and people who have a sensitive skin. It does not include any artificial scents or fragrances and all the oils in it are taken from plants. The mix of oils includes Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm Oil, Cocoa Oil, and Castor Oil. These are further enhanced by Oatmeal and Honey. It can be purchased for personal use or it will make for a splendid gift to a person with sensitive skin.


ladies bag

This is made of 100% vegan materials, so no animals were harmed in making this product. Rather, polyurethane and solid brass hardware were used, to bring out a product which is durable and reminiscent of a classic fashion accessory. This will remind you of the 1920’s, when this boxcar design was at its top. In addition, it is intelligently compartmentalized to increase space. Included in the package is a detachable cross body strap, which will make it easy to carry across distances.



If you are a dog owner, who has to arrange a walker or leave your pet into daycare on a regular basis, then you will understand the importance of Dog Tags. Not only do they provide ID, but can also help in writing down instructions. This little tie tag will not only make your pet look cuter, but can also have some personal information attached. All you have to do is to write it down with any ball point, boil it for two minutes, and you are all set to go. If it gets dirty, simply wash with some soap water. It can make for an excellent gift to a dog owner.

Hand Crank Flashlight


What good is an emergency light which needs batteries to work! Not only, you have to take care of batteries, but if it needs to be stored they have to be taken out. This is not the case for this one. This has a crank handle which has to be squeezed a couple of times and you are good to go. This is renewable energy at its best. This will make for a perfect gift for the younger audience. It is good for ages 4 and above.

Stress Relief ZENTones and ZENBand Program


Our lives are becoming more and more mechanized by the day. This means we have to deal with more stress on average than our forefathers had to bear. Is it really that difficult then, to ascertain the cause of stress related illnesses? Stress relief by sound is one the experimental methods of relieving stress. Studies have time and again proven that music and sound can play a positive role in relieving stress. This program uses this research and builds on it. This will make for a great gift to a person who is under a lot of stress, the main reason being that we are often hesitant to try something new on our own.

Labradorite and Pearl Demi Luna Necklace


Labradorite is considered to be the most powerful of protective stones by the shamans and healers of the world. It is thought to have various extraordinary qualities. All of that perhaps stems from its ability to refract light into its components. For this many myths are attached to its creation, such as it contains pieces of frozen Aurora Borealis. Whatever the reality behind the myths and its perceived abilities, it makes for a mesmerizing necklace. It can go with parties or can be worn with casual clothes to give oneself a mystic appearance.

Acel Performance and Recovery Graduated Compression Socks


High performance socks are not new to people who have to stay in them for long periods of time. They have been used by athletes and common people alike to reduce and relieve foot stress issues. However, these performance socks by Acel come with a very specific design which can support the feet in the right areas and provides enough compression to ease your journeys. These can be used for trails, road, slopes, and even afterwards for recovering periods. The compression maintains a healthy flow of blood and prevents cramps and shin splints.

Organic Basil Bag


Organic gardening is the craze of the day. But, it is rightly so and has been long overdue. Plus, the benefits of using fresh organic herbs are much more when compared to dried out or stored material. If you are into gardening or know a friend, then they will appreciate this. This can be planted into a bigger container to promote growth. Then to use it all they have to do is to take off a few leaves and add it to whatever they are cooking. That is it, it is that simple.



What is the best gift that you can give to someone dear? It will vary from person to person, but if you are looking for something which can be personalized by the person, then it is definitely a raw necklace chain. The person can then personalize it with existing stones or new ones. This chain is 14 karat gold and comes in the traditional gold, rose gold, or sterling silver fills. The whole piece is carefully handcrafted and multiple chains and stones can be added easily to give a layered look.

Candy Apples (12 Pack)


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We have all heard this sort of simile/advice, but sometimes a little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down. This mouthwatering delight not only provides you with the health benefits of an apple, but will take you down the memory lane of carnivals and festivals of your youth. It has been dipped in caramel candy and then rolled in roasted peanuts to complement the sweet with a bit of salt. If there is anything you should try in the holiday season, then this is it.

Women’s Handmade Hemp V Neck T-Shirt


Hemp has been a go to culture in many societies. No. We are not talking about Cannabis or Marijuana. It is the ultimate sustainable material for producing a range of things including clothes. This V-Neck is made of 55% Hemp and 45% organic cotton. It is super comfy and very sustainable. Industrial hemp can be grown 2-3 times a year and since, it is more of an herb, it does not require pesticides, and other support for growth. If you believe in sustainability, then this is the ultimate sustainable material.

ClarityHD High-Performance Wireless Earbuds

head phone

Gone are the days of wired devices, everything is being turned to wireless. However, rechargeable wireless headphones have generally lagged behind in this department. But, these will fill in the gap of quality wireless headphones. They can give you a listening time of 5 hours, on a single charge. Very light weight and featuring reinforced critical stress points, these will provide you the optimum sound quality whether you are jogging or attending a call while driving. Furthermore, they will not slip out of your ears like the regular ones because a range of silicone tips are provided to match your ear.

Silver Grey, 1 Pair


Cycling is a very good sport, which can relax your mind and provide you with the right amount of exercise. However, what is not cool is the general noise of the traffic and the wind itself. You need the traffic noises to protect yourself from coming cars and vehicles, but surely someone would have thought of a way to block out the wind. Well they have and they are trying to reach out to cyclists. This product can be attached to any regular cycling helmet and filters out the wind noise, so that you can hear the traffic and your music better. This will make for a splendid gift to any person who loves cycling.

Burgundy Medallion Bracelet

silver chain

It is a less known combination and some people think it a bit odd to have a medallion hanging from a bracelet. However, we will admit that we have a soft spot for these apparent oddities. Even if it cannot be worn everywhere, just keeping it in possession keeps your imagination rolling. Nevertheless, if you are bold enough to wear it, it is a beautiful piece of jewelry. The refurbished cork set with burgundy, sage, and iridescent Swarovski crystals looks mesmerizing. Despite its solid appearance, it is quite light to wear. The pewter mini leaf charm is also beautifully crafted and complements the rest of the bracelet.

Season's Greetings Pistachio Cranberry Chocolate Bar


Cranberry, dark chocolate, and pistachio; the three super foods combined to form a chocolate bar, will not only give you exceptional health benefits, but also provide a unique taste. The dark chocolate can improve the mood of the dourest persons; whereas, cranberries and pistachios provide the vitamins and minerals required for the healthy functioning of the body. Additionally, cranberries can help counter any urinary infections that may gear up. It is a true holiday season gift, which has some extraordinary health benefits.

Noaway Countertop Compost Bin

wood box

We all know that once something goes into the trash, the chances of it ever going it in the right part of trash are very few indeed. That is why this Countertop Compost Bin, will remind you of putting the coffee grounds, banana peels, and egg shells aside for your main composting bin or the municipal green bins. You can choose a range of renewable materials to get this in. From walnut to bamboo, they will try to accommodate you. This one, however, is made from walnut wood and will be a class addition to any kitchen.

Stocking Watch Cap with Built in LED Lights in Black


How many times when out in the cold with our Beanie have we wished for a light to read something small or just enough light to see the way better? Well, this beanie has it all. It will not only keep your head warm, but also provide you with 43 hours of light at 46 lumens. The beam can go up to 42 feet. This makes it ideal for camping, hiking, hunting, and anyplace where you are cold and need a light. It is equipped with 4 LEDs: two angled forward to light your way and 2 angled downwards to provide you with light to read. Once you run out of juice, just replace the batteries and you are good to go.



This is definitely targeted towards a younger audience, however, if you believe that the heart is the only thing that needs to be young, we would encourage you to go for it. It will keep the hair out of your eyes and do it in style. The royal blue hairband has been embedded with Silver Swarovski Crystals and is sure to resonate with many future princesses. It will make an ideal gift for the upcoming generation and is sure to become one of their favorite items.

Bella Reina Herbal Flax Seed Neck Wrap Pillow


Scents can be relaxing and warmth in the right areas can relieve the stress from your body. This neck pillow is no ordinary pillow. It is made of organic flax seed, spearmint, chamomile, and peppermint covered by a satin cover. It will provide support and warmth to your neck and help in relaxing the muscles which are most responsible for a stressed out body. To use just heat it in the microwave oven for 1-2 minutes, place it on your neck and enjoy 45 minutes of relaxing warmth, while the aroma from the herbs, takes away your worries.

Modern V


Premium T-shirts can be a heaven send, obviously, because this is the apparel that we spend most of our time in. They can be layered up or worn standalone, at home or outside and are one of the most comfortable things to wear. This one is made of 100% cotton to keep you comfortable throughout the day. And if you really like them, then the site also offers a regular free delivery program, in which you will get shirts periodically, without going through any hassle.

WWE Brushing Kit


There is hardly anything more beloved by kids than wrestling. It is odd that something which is so supposedly violent should have such a big following. But, of course all the wrestlers are trained and so on and so forth. If your kid loves John Cena and C M Punk more than you, this is perhaps the thing to motivate him to brush his teeth on a regular basis. This kit contains a kid’s toothbrush, with bubblegum toothpaste, and a brush cap, all with the aforementioned wrestlers’ photographs. This is definitely aimed at the younger generation, but sometimes the fanatical following isn’t limited to kids only and we approve of it.

Fullips Lip Plumping Gloss

lip gloss

We all know that this is something which can provide instant gratification and is a favorite of ladies wanting a fuller pout. It works, usually by stimulating the skin for richer blood flow, by using menthol and other materials. Although, the materials are considered as irritants by our immune system (just like peppers) the ensuing response brings about a natural pout for most users. This one is available in a range of colors and can be used alone or used as a base for other cosmetic products. This will make for a good gift to a friend who is conscious of lip line and uses it.

Hopefully, we have been able to help you out in saving you some time. Even, if you do not like these – the main purpose is to give you fresh ideas, and that has been fulfilled. If you would like to borrow from some of our previous posts, feel free to do so. We have a well maintained collection of gift idea articles to help you out. provides coupon codes for stores like Groupon promo code, Nike coupons, Backcountry coupon, Converse promo code, American Eagle coupon,Republic Wireless Coupons, Fitbit coupons, The North Face Coupons, Shein coupons etc.