Cyber Monday Gift Guide 2016

Black Friday is considered the busiest day in terms of shopping and many people head towards shopping centers and malls. Others, who aren’t comfortable going into the crowd, prefer online shopping. The intensity of shopping doesn’t decrease even few days after Black Friday. The Cyber Monday also attracts lots of customers. As many leading companies offer discounts on various products on Cyber Monday, it has become a trend to do some shopping this day. For this purpose, we have made a list of products for Cyber Monday that you will find interesting.

The Flattop – Heroes Live Forever


“Heroes Live Forever” is an everyday carry, and is made to pay tribute to those police officers who risk their lives for the safety of others. It is also a tribute to fallen officers. Everybody knows someone who is working for the police department; you can give this top to them as a gift and show that you respect the work they do. It is available for $90.00.

Bakwanga Ottoman


It is outstanding quality furniture which is reclaimed from different areas of Turkey, and different local artisans in Turkey reupholster it. Its size and dimensions are 46 x 36 x 36 cm. African wax print is used in reupholstering.

Pirate Headbands – Adult, Child, and Infant


These headbands are a true inspiration for exploration of the sea. Adults, children, and grownups can use this band alike. The bands are made of 100% cotton and jersey. One band is available only for $7.00.

Custom Rose Gold Filled Cuff Bracelet


It is an outstanding rose gold filled cuff bracelet with four custom traits. You can choose all four traits depending on your choice. The bracelet is available in three colors – rose gold filled, 14k gold filled, and sterling silver. It is available only for $99.99 USD.

Noise Aware Noise Monitoring Service


Noise-Aware noise monitoring service is a real-time monitoring and alert. The product has one noise aware sensor. The specifications of this device are enough for three rooms. If you are planning for four bedrooms, it is suggested that you use the extra sensor.

Original Tee (Fire Logo Line)


It is an outstanding Tee with short sleeves and fire logo on its front side. The Tee is made of cotton and comes pre-shrunk. It is available in black and gray color.



It is a Tee-shirt for women with classic and a slim fit. If you are a pet lover, this Tee is perfect for you. It is made of 100% cotton and is available in small, medium and large sizes.

Encore MDSD + Bullet Black Earphones


Now you can buy this outstanding MDSD USB and headphone accompanied by earphones. The combined value of all these items is $148.95, but if you buy this package, you can get it only for $85.00 USD. The USB also features discreet audio receiver and D/A converter. Asynchronous transfer mode makes it perfect for use.

Ergonomic Mesh Computer Chair


It is a beautiful chair that is made specifically to relieve from tiredness. If you sit on ordinary chairs for a long time, you will be tired, but if you sit on this chair, it will keep you relaxed and you won’t feel tired at all. The design is ergonomically developed that will fit your body structure. The chair is adjustable and you can use it however you want.

Viital E-Sports Short Sleeve Jersey


The shirt is made of 100% polyester and features sublimated dye which won’t fade away. It has three interesting things: you can add a gamer tag; you can add your name; the shirt also features social media handle. It is available in sizes from small to 3XL. You can get it only for $30.00. All the shirts are non-refundable.

Emoji Pillow – Blowing Kisses


It is a perfect pillow if you want someone happy around you because this pillow features a smiling emoji. The heart on the pillow makes it perfect to give it to someone as a gift. The pillows are extremely soft and are made of polyester and cotton. The size of the pillows is  12.5” x 12.5” x 3”. It is available only for $15.00.

1080p IP HD PTZ Security Camera


This camera has many features – it can pan, tilt, and zoom. The most interesting thing is that it can capture high-quality video – 1080p – and provides you amazing clarity if you are doing surveillance. It can work anywhere; all you need is a good internet connection. It is available for $994.99.

Lemon Squeezer & Zester Set


There won’t be any pain in your fingers if you use this lemon squeezer to squeeze the lemon juice, and more importantly, you will be able to get all the juice out of the lemon. The package also contains a zester with a clipper which ensures that your hands won’t be harmed while using it. Both lemon squeezer and zester are made so strong that they will last forever.

Dandelion Wish Locket Necklace in Stunning Silver


The necklace is available in two colors – stunning silver and vintage gold. The necklace has 22” long silver chain with a “Wish” tag. It features a real dandelion. It is available for $17.95.

Inside It, All Feels the Same


The T-shirt is available in two colors – red and gray. The back side of the shirt has a print of heart surrounded by flowers. You can choose from four different sizes. It is available for $25.00.

Through Luxury Lithium Fat Tire Electric Bike


It is an outstanding electronic bike which features a 500-watt motor, and a very powerful lithium ion battery. It has a strong frame, metallic fenders, and smooth tires. You can drive it up to 31 miles only on a single charge. The bike has three years warranty as well. You can get it for $2,249.00.

Love Dream Hope


The necklace is available in three different designs and you can also choose either silver or gold plating. The pendant features blessing flower which will bloom for you and will remind you of the journey of your life. The length of the chain is 18”. It is available for $62.98.

All Natural Bamboo Boar Bristle Beard Brush


It is a beautiful comb that will keep the stubborn hair of your beard in place. The comb is made from 100% natural materials. It is available for $14.99.

Gangster Pug Tee – Men


It is an excellent dark gray colored Tee which features an angry pug with a cigar in its mouth. The material is a blend of cotton and polyester. It has a round shaped collar and short sleeves. It is available for $23.22.

Premium 4 Piece Grinder


It is a 4 piece grinder which will grind your dried herbs with most efficient consistency ever possible. The lid is very tight and there is no danger of any spillage. The grinder is made from high-quality Aluminum and has 2.5” diameter. It is available for $46.52 CAD.

Small Zipper Bag Grey


It is a beautiful bag which can hold all your essentials – phone, money and other extras. It is a two colored bag with upper gray colored canvas and lower navy colored canvas. It is available for $ 32.00.

Hihi Dolls


“Hihi” is a Japanese name for crawling. These beautiful dolls are originally created in Japan. The dolls have crawling posture, and the bright pink color will attract many children.

Lenny Top


It is a crop top that will provide you right amount of protection from the sunrays. It has full sleeves with coverage for chest and shoulders. It is available in five different colors. You can get it for $82.00.

Opus Renew


If you are worried about the dark circles under your eyes, this pioneering treatment “Opus Renew” is perfect for you. It contains negative ion that improve blood circulation and reduce scars. One pack contains three patches. It is available for $12.95.

Crest over Chest CBFC Hoodie


The hoodie is perfect for cold weather. It is appropriate if you are playing game in a stadium or sitting in your house. It has soft inside and zip closure. It is available in different sizes and you can get it for $49.00.

Burgundy Rose, Magnolia and Green Hypericum Berries


It is an outstanding bouquet which combines burgundy rose and hypericum berries. The white tall magnolia adds further beauty to it.

Bargeek Snapback


It is an outstanding hat with floral patterns with black front part. It is available in one size because one size fits all. You can get it for $33.95.

Wanna Fish - Duffel Bag


It is an excellent duffel bag perfect for carrying all the necessary things for fishing. It is available in black and navy colors but only in one size. It has 60 days money back guarantee. It is available for $39.99.

Authentic Pink Dolphin Sweats


It is a sweat hoodie and a trouser with excellent threading and fabric. It is available only in large size and you can get it for $125.00.

Brown and White Longhorn


It is a stunningly beautiful, 11” long stuffed longhorn which is brown in color on his torso, while its legs are white with brown dots. It is available only for $10.00.

Coconut Set of 5


It is a set 5 coconut chocolates made from total vegan ingredients. Its main ingredients are cocoa butter, milk, coconut milk and coconut sugar etc. One set is available for £11.00, but you can get 30% off if you use the code BLACKFRIDAY2016.

Trolls Girls T-shirt


It is a beautiful pink color T-shirt for girls with regular fitting. The material used is cotton. It is available in pink, purple and dark purple colors. You can get it only for $9.72.

Be Free Slim Jacket


It is an outstanding jacket for women featured with embroidery. The material used is Cotton, Acetate, and Acrylic. It is a slim fit jacket with open front closure.



It has a golden color with the aroma of honey, and there are also some traces of citrus. There are other notes of malt and hops as well. Budweiser is also known as the king of Beers. It is available only for £21.95.

Blue Confetti Glitter Case


It is a beautiful iPhone case with glittering print on it. It seems as if a galaxy is printed on it. The cover is very beautiful as well as durable. It is available for $20.00.

Black Magic Face Mask


It is an excellent mask which removes impurities from your skin as well as detoxifies your skin. The mask also fights acne and reduce dark spots. The essential ingredient of the mask, coconut oil, makes your skin smooth and soft. You can get it for $25.20.

Sfoglini’s Puttanesca Gift Box


The gift box contains five things – Sfoglini Cuttlefish Ink Spaccatelli, Ortiz Anchovies,  Grandaisy Bakery Breadcrumbs, and a Recipe Card. It is the best sauce you can ever have. You can get this gift box for $39.99.

Classic Earbuds Kit


These earbuds are blue and white in color and give a classic look. The blue color has a matte finishing which makes sure that the earbuds remain intact in your ear. The earbuds will mold themselves according to the structure of your ear giving you best possible experience. The earbuds also block outside sound and give you a perfect experience of listening music.

"Clear My Skin!" Saving Face Kit


This kit contains all the essential things to keep your skin acne free. Inside the kit, there is a cleansing bar and moisturizer. Whenever you are moving to a new place, take this kit with you and it will ensure the health and beauty of your skin.

Deary deer


These trousers are made from organic cotton and are very soft; these will be very gentle to the skin of your baby. All the prints are hand-printed and have unique designs. These trousers are available for babies only six months old to babies 4 years old.