Black Friday Gift Guide 2016

Black Friday is considered the start of Christmas shopping. Black Friday isn’t an official holiday, but few states in America consider the following Friday after a thanksgiving day, a holiday. As people are free on this occasion, they spend more time on shopping. There has been a considerate advancement in online shopping and many people think of it as a reasonable way because this way they don’t have to tire themselves moving from one shop to another for the desired products. Very few people know consciously that online shopping can also be tiring; this is because there are thousands online stores, but not all of them offer quality products. For your convenience of shopping on Black Friday, we have made a list of quality products, and we also offer discounts on many products. We are confident that you will love the selection of our products.

Fusion Elite


These beautiful shoes provide you balance, support, and flexibility. The two layers of innovative foam materials are used for added comfort. The foam will easily absorb the shock and will give you an outstanding experience of walking. You can get one pair for $54.99.

Flag Banner Repositionable Planner Stickers


If you are trying to make a planner, stickers will add more charm to it. The stickers will add decoration to your planner as well as mark important events. There are 15 stickers with matte finish. You can write on the stickers with any type of pen. The pack of 15 stickers is available for $4.00 USD.

2016 Christmas Illustrations


All the trendy Christmas characters are included in this illustration – Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and Rudolph. Nobody would be able to say no to this illustration. There is no need to worry about the pixelation or loss of quality because the file is 100% vector. You can choose from two formats: EPS Illustrator 10 or Creative Cloud. It is available for $7.99, but you can get 50% off by using the code XMAS50.

LED Light up Safety Adjustable Dog & Cat Collar


This pet color is highly practical. If your dog is wearing this, you can easily spot your dog in the park, you can be safer by using this collar, and in the night if your dog is lost, you can easily spot it by the LED bulbs that are added in the collar. It is available in three colors – blue, green, and red.

Bright Coffee 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


The luxury pillowcases are available in a variety of pastel colors. When you will sleep on silk, it will make you refresh, relaxed and radiant. The covers are made using 100% pure mulberry silk. Each pillow case is delivered in fashionable glitter box. You can get one pillow cover for $69.99.

Value Pack Kit


This value pack kit contains three essential things and the first thing is Fresh Start. Fresh Start along with the scrub will remove all the waxes, installations or oils from the surface. The second thing is Restorer, which restores the floor to original shine. The third thing is Floor cleaner, which cleans the floor. The kit includes other things like sprayers and training DVDs as well.



These are beautiful shoes for little children. These are frog-shaped green shoes with yellow sole. The fabric is 100% organic cotton which is very soft and won’t harm the skin. One pair is available for $37.00.

Pocket Bag


The bag has a vintage lace and it has different red green and blue patterns. 85% of the bag is made from hand-woven linen and remaining 15% is made with vintage lace. It is available for €172.00.

How to Write What You Want to Say


Many people find it extremely difficult to translate their ideas into words; this book is an excellent guide to help those students. This book teaches you how professional writers use vocabulary. The book will surely improve your writing skills. It is available for $19.95.

Hammered Circle Bracelet

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You can either choose silver chain and gold circle, or gold chain and silver circle. The product is made from sterling silver and 14k gold. The length of the bracelet is 6.5 inches. It is available for $24.00.

Black Cap Sleeve Leotard


This leotard is cotton and spandex blend which can be stretched. It will fit comfortably to your child. These are perfect for everyday activities of your child. It is available in black color with five different sizes. It is available for $15.00.

Elixir Single String Electric Poly-web


It is an electric poly-web string, and you can select the gauge from 9 to 46. It is available only for €1.29 EUR.

Guoguan Yuexiao – 3 x 3 x 3


It is a beautiful cube and if you are a puzzle solver, this cube is perfect for you. It has more rounded edges and perfect design. It is available only for $22.00.

Don't Fight It, Live It Enamel Pin


These are the pearls of wisdom uttered by a 110 years old lady who said “Don’t Fight It, Live It”. These words are turned into enamel lapel pin. The pin is 1” wide and 1” tall. It is available for $10.00.

Blue denim cotton dress


The dress is simply beautiful with soft cotton denim. It features a peter pan collar. The length of the sleeves is ¾. The back can be fastened with the buttons on the back. You can choose from three different sizes, and it is available for €39.50.

Abstract African Printed Bow Tie


It is a bow-tie with charming, eye-catching and bright colors. The tie is made from printed cotton and is joined with black leather. You can dry-clean the tie. It is available for $65.00.

Miss Fisher 2017 Calendar


It is a 2017 calendar which features Miss Fisher’s pictures and her crime fighting cohorts. It is published in USA by Welcome Rain Publishers. You can get this calendar for $23.95.

Anatomy of Pain


This course is available in four types: Digital edition; print edition; course text; exam pack. It is the latest course that is fully updated with the latest research, evidence, and treatment protocols. The course will be useful to doctors as well as physical therapists. You can get the course pack only for $69.95.

African crescent


It is a beautiful African crescent with beads and tusk. It is available only for $56.00.

Menopause Pro’s Multi Plus


Multi Plus contains many essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, C, and E. it also contains Selenium, Iron and Iodine which increase your immunity, strength and energy. It also contains many vegetables, foods and herbs extracts. You can now live healthier living by using this Multi-Plus.

Stainless Steel Manicure


It is a compact size toolkit that you can use for personal grooming. It contains seven items that you can use for various needs. All the tools are enclosed in a leather bag. The set is available for $50.00.

Bad to the Bone Bib Duo


These bibs will remind you of the mischievous side of your little one. These bibs are designed specifically to save your babies from falling meal pieces on their suit, while at the same time making babies beautiful. The bibs are available in two different colors.



The spinarri makes the grilling experience of your parties and other outdoor festivals more enjoyable. It has multiple skewers which can rotate constantly. It is made from steel and is safe for food materials. It also has steel lids and cleaning pads.

Eco-Foot – Natural Spritzer


This natural spritzer will relax the tired or swollen feet. Your feet will feel relaxed and fresh and at the same time will smell perfect. It has natural ingredients like peppermint and other essential oils.

Arduino Compatible UNO R3 Board


The board has a handy micro USB plug, and that’s what makes it unique. The black and sleek nature of this board has nothing to do with its performance; it will work perfectly well. It is available for $7.99.

Bison Tooth Wooden Box


It is a very beautiful box with a scavenged tooth from bison jawbone attached with the box’s lid. It is a perfect way to send your own tooth to the tooth fairy. It is available for $110.00.

Pedi-sand Hands Free Foot File


If you are embarrassed to expose your feet to the public because they aren’t clean, this Pedi-sand hands-free foot file is perfect for you. You will get salon-smooth feet by using this. Now you can get perfect and smooth feet without leaving your house.



It is a whole bean coffee with washed grade 1 processing method. It has floral aromatic taste, and it has a caramel after taste. It is available for $17.

Blue Angels


It is a handmade wood sunglass with polarized lenses. Layers of colorful woods are added together to give a uniquely individual look. It is available for $89.99.

6 Months Subscription – 2 Boxes


It is a package of two boxes that contains accessories with selected Nordic themes. In six month, you will receive 2 boxes, and each box will contain items worthy of 95-110 EUR. You can get the subscription of two boxes only for €72.00.

Art Word Print


It is a digital giclée print, printed on high-quality paper. High-quality Canon Lucia ink is used which will remain same for many years. You can order different sized prints like A0, A1, A2, A3, and A4. Prices for different sized prints vary.

'Dusty the Lion' Limited Edition Print


It is an outstanding painting of a lion             that is walking through the Savanna in the blazing heat of summer. The painting includes wooden frame with a white background mount. It is available for £30.00.

Blue Bonnet Texas Delight Candles


Texas state flowers are one of few worthy things that Texans hold in the high esteem. Once you use these candles, you will love the scent. The pack contains 4 candles: 2 4oz and 2 8oz. the candles will burn beautifully and will smell divine. The pack is available for $27.00. if you use the code “ThanksgivingSale” which runs from Monday 11/21 till 11/26, and you can get 10% off.

Micro Wheel


It is a highly portable micro wheel that you can use for sore muscles or back pain. It’s only 5” long and 6” in diameter that you can carry it to gym or a business trip. It is comfortable, durable and lightweight. You can get it for $39.99.

Love Horses


Horse riding is something that everybody likes. You can show your love for this beautiful and faithful animal by purchasing this bracelet. It is available in black, brown and white color. You can get it for $19.95.

Adidog Hoodies for Your Dog


This hoodie will make your dog distinguished and attractive. The hoodie isn’t congested; your dog will feel very comfortable in it. The hoodies are made of 100% cotton and are fit for all seasons. You can get hoodies in different sizes and different colors. One hoodie is available only for $28.00.

Tie One on Tie-Shirt


T is a beautiful T-shirt with illustrations of a solution of age-old problem – how to tie a necktie. You can get this shirt and whenever you want to tie a necktie, wear this T-shirt and look in the mirror. You will easily be able to tie your necktie.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha


It is the highest quality matcha that is grown in Japan. All the highest quality leaves are picked by hand to ensure the refreshing aroma and smooth and silky tone. You can use the matcha tea for your everyday routine. 30g of teabag is available for $38.95 AUD.

Custom 300 Watt High Output LED Grow Light


This LED Grow light contains 60 small LED bulbs each of 5 watts, which makes the light collectively of 300 watts. Fishbowl lenses are designed specifically to increase light intensity. Your plants will love the spectrum. It is available for $679.00.



It is actually a diffusion dome that will perfectly fit on the camera lens of iPhone 5(s) or iPhone SE. The Luxi device will help you determine the best settings for your DSLR camera so that you can take outstanding pictures.

Mark 1 Chair


The chair is available in two type of finishing – crisp white and steel and the prices for both vary. The material used is hot rolled steel and birch plywood. The chair has a touch of industrial elegance as well as modern flair. It is beautiful and rugged at the same time.

Bloodsucking Fiends


“Bloodsucking Fiends” is a book by Christopher Moor. You can buy the used book which is a signed addition. The book is in very good condition and no visible signs of damage are apparent. The book is available for $15.00.

Blake da Bulldogs


These socks are the blend of 90% polyester, and 5% spandex. If you are a dog lover, buy these socks which are highly comfortable and soft with vibrant colors that won’t fade. The socks are available for both men and women only for $14.99.

Adidog Winter Clothes


These are high quality pet clothes for autumn and winter. The clothes are made of 100% cotton and are available in many colors – Blue, Black, Red, Grey, Yellow, and Pink.

Bestseller Sampler


The package contains many delicious items like Chickpea Tikka Masala, Burmese Khao Soi, and Thai Crab Curry. If you are unable to decide which kit to buy, there is no need to worry because all the dishes are equally delicious and you can buy any of these. 3-pack kit is available for $ 80.00.

Dual-Lens Dash Cam for Front and Rear


It is a highly practical dash-cam with two cameras – you can mount one on the front and other in the rear. The front camera can record 1080p videos, while the rear camera can record 720p videos. Both cameras record videos on the same memory card simultaneously. There are many other features in the camera as well. You can get it for $169.00.

Unglazed Naturel Tagine


This tagine is so natural that you can use it on the stove top if you keep the heat little low, in the oven or on any grill. This tagine will add earthy flavor to your cooking. He tagine is handmade and may contain some asymmetries. The tagine is not dishwasher safe. It is available for $62.00.

Rabbit Fur "Ushanka" Trapper Hat (Brown & Grey)


The hat features highest quality rabbit fur which will keep you warm even in the most extreme conditions. It is available in two colors: brown and grey. It is water repellent and the air snaps can be fastened by a button snap. The hat also contains internal strap for adjustment. The hat is available for $89.99 CAD.

Winter Roller Bottle Vinyl Labels


Mantles and tablescapes aren’t just sufficient for decoration, because now you can decorate your roller bottles with different festive labels. Labels are available in white, gold and silver colors. A set of six labels is available for $4.00.

Color Changing 3D Pokémon Lamp


It is a beautiful lamp that features Pokémon in different shapes and colors. You can choose from these four designs – Pikachu, Eevee, Charmeleon or Charmander. The lamp is powered by micro USB plug.



It is an excellent bow tie that you can use on many occasions like on business deals or parties. This wooden tie is made of Apple tree wood, and the special design on the wood is added with the help of special laser technique. It is available for $87.00.